Does God exist?

From the downloadable Word document, “VFR articles arranged by topic,” here is the main section on the existence of God:

Does God (and truth and the good) exist?

Why it is simply logical to believe in an intelligent Creator [A flowering tree in Riverside Park shows why it’s not unreasonable to believe that living things were created by an intelligent being.]

A simple (well, it started out simple) proof of the existence of God [My argument about electrons and what I call “the Rule of Eight.”]

Thank God [Why it makes sense of people to thank God for good things but not blame God for bad things.]

Did the laws of physics create themselves? [Includes my refutation of the atheist argument that belief in God requires infinite regress. I show that we know that a marble sculpture was made by a sculptor, period, even if we don’t know anything more about the sculptor. A life-long non-believing reader told me that this illustration made him think for the first time that there might be a God.]

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A Muslim apostate explains his complete rejection of Islam [Evariste’s remarkable story of how he totally rejected Islam and became an atheist and Darwinist, though he is sympathetic to Christianity and Judaism. He also tells something about is biography.]

A Muslim apostate rejects Darwinism [Evariste tells how he recently began to see the falsity of Darwinism, even though Darwinism had helped him reject Islam, and to believe, at least intellectually, that the God of the Bible exists.]

How material existence, life, and consciousness point to the existence, life, and consciousness of God [Evariste in a profound essay argues step by step that God not only exists, but has consciousness and personality.]

Logically demonstrating why Darwinism precludes an objective moral good [Discussion segues to the question, “Does the objective moral good exist?” Demonstrated through simple example of returning money that doesn’t belong to us.]

From atheism to Christian belief [A reader tells how VFR helped lead him from his life-long atheism to Christianity.]

Randomness: the god of liberalism

Arguments for the existence of God that are logical, easy to understand, and unanswerable [Here are three further comments in the thread at Dennis Mangan’s site, “Discussion on evolution and purpose with Lawrence Auster.” Kristor shows why God must exist, why God is not contingent.]

What is faith? [A reader asks for definition, and I attempt a reply.]

A materialist re-thinks the rejection of religion [The HBD blogger OneSTDV seems to be saying that while his fellow right-wing atheists believe that atheism is compatible with conservatism, the reality is that atheism has an inherent tendency to lead to liberalism. Therefore, if one wants to preserve one’s own society from a hostile alien religion, the last thing one should do is undermine the religion of one’s own society, as the right-wing atheists are doing. Thread includes Kristor’s four part graph of Atheist Liberals, Theist Liberals, Theist Conservatives, and Atheist Conservatives.]

Can an atheist believe in the good? [Yes, of course. But if an atheist does believe in the good, is he really an atheist? I conclude: “the fact that the atheist experiences life as good proves that God exists.”]

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