Ojore Nuru Lutalo, a.k.a Leroy Bunting, out of jail after 27 years, talks up jihad attack on Amtrak train, is arrested and released

Can’t we all get along?

The story is reported in the New York Daily News:

A recently released New Jersey prisoner was yanked off an Amtrak train in Colorado after fellow passengers heard him mention Al Qaeda and make threatening comments, authorities said.

Ojore Nuru Lutalo, 64, was free on $30,000 bond Friday after his arrest earlier this week at a Colorado train station.

The Elizabeth, N.J., man was traveling to Chicago after reportedly attending the Los Angeles Anarchist Book Fair last weekend.

Passengers riding with him Tuesday heard Lutalo speaking on his cell phone, declaring he hadn’t killed anyone yet and demanding cooperation from a purported cohort.

“We have to work in small groups,” he was quoted as saying in an affidavit. “They can hold you for 18 months. Do they have security on these trains? Are you with me or not?”

Lutalo later mentioned Al Qaeda before saying “17th century tactics won’t work. We have 21st century tactics.”

The train conductor said Lutalo was covered in a tan blanket during the trip, raising concerns since Amtrak personnel couldn’t see what he was doing.

He was busted at the La Junta train station in southeast Colorado and freed Thursday after posting bond. The suspect was unarmed, authorities said.

Lutalo, who was carrying literature from an anarchist group called the Afrikan Liberation Army, was charged with endangering public transportation, authorities said.

The suspect—also known as Leroy Bunting—was freed in August after serving a 27-year term for aggravated assault, robbery and weapons possession.


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A reader from Virginia writes:

I personally like the fact that American blacks are flocking to Islam for several reasons:

First, it will make it easier and more acceptable to discuss the extent to which blacks are alienated from white America, to include the resulting black intifada. That in turn should assist in returning hundreds of thousands—if not millions—of duped white liberals to their senses.

Second, given their average IQ of 85 (and possibly lower for Africans), black Muslims in America are not a very capable bunch, and very unlikely to inflict serious damage. Their planning and organizations skills are minimal or nonexistent, and the most complex thing they can assemble is a Big Mac or Grande Burrito. But nonetheless their widespread but ineffective—and sometimes even laughable—activities will nonetheless frighten white America and make it more difficult for security-weak Democrats to win the white moderate vote.

Third, and this is most important, the increasingly black character of Islam in America will severely reduce the appeal Islam will have for millions of alienated, traditionalist young white men. Don’t discount this phenomenon. With the emasculation of white men in the West, Islam has a strangely masculine and exotic appeal. There are no longer masculine rites of passage for young white man. The leftist culture has marginalized and ostracized them. The PC-infested schools whitewash the dangers of Islam, which could fill the void manifested by that gnosticism you talk about. If whites ever were drawn to Islam in large numbers, that would be a devastating and possible fatal development for the West. At least with Islam in America dominated by ignorant, criminal and anti-white blacks, this is one manifestation of black takeover we should cheer and applaud, and even encourage.

Dan S. writes:

Leroy Bunting / Ojore Nuru Lutalo may not be a Muslim, from what is being said about him by his supporters on the anarchist\black “liberation” blogs. He is apparently an anti-American, anti-white, Black Liberation anarchist, every bit as prone to violence as a Muslim jihadist, with his supporters defending his past violent activities as “political” actions against capitalism and the white establishment.

Meanwhile, in New Jersey, another apparently Muslim black has been arrested with a cache of weapons and maps of Fort Drum, with the FBI denying that he is connected to “terrorism,” just as they have done with Maj. Hasan and numerous other lone wolf jihadists.

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