Malkin finally talks about legal immigration

On Tuesday morning I wrote this to Michelle Malkin:

Have you written anything about Robert Rector’s two articles last week detailing the numbers that would come under the Senate bill? This was by the far the biggest story last week. It shocked many people into a new awareness of the scale of what the open borderites are trying to achieve. And in fact, as soon as it did come out, Bingamon’s amendment reducing the “guest worker” numbers was passed. Yet I haven’t seen anything about this at your site.

I was thinking, though I didn’t say it, that the absence at Malkin’s website of any discussion of Rector’s ground-breaking and debate-changing information (I did a Google search of the site to verify my impression before I wrote to her) reflected her long-established total lack of concern about the problem of legal immigration.

Today at her site, Malkin quotes at length Sen. Session’s Senate speech on the astounding numbers of new legal immigrants that would come in under the bill, and she also quotes Sen. de Mint’s argument against the bill, in which he mentions Robert Rector.

I’m glad this matter has been rectified.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at May 25, 2006 02:31 PM | Send

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