Progress toward the liberal utopia continues: there’s one less typical white person in the world

Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, passed away last night.

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Adela G. writes:

That’s not the liberal utopia.

The liberal utopia needs and wants white drones exactly like Madelyn Dunham, people who will willingly—or unwittingly—foot the bill for the liberal agenda and be cowed into believing that their own instincts for survival are the racist reactions of a “typical white person.”

Indeed, Madelyn Dunham was the ideal useful idiot for the liberal utopia: willing and able to support herself while deferring to her leftist, non-supportive husband and willing and able to raise and support the mixed-race child her leftist daughter foisted off on her. She allowed her husband to scorn her for her legitimate fears of aggressive black strangers and she allowed her grandson to grow up with the benefits of white privilege she provided and then “throw her under the bus” to affirm his black authenticity, which paradoxically endeared him to millions of other white useful idiots.

Were it not for her, America would not be facing the disastrous prospect of an Obama presidency. You can’t get much more useful to the liberal utopia than to provide it with its first “black” leftist POTUS.

LA replies:

You are absolutely right. Thanks for seeing my error. You’ve laid it out very well. When I drop the traditionalist ball, I’m fortunate to have readers to catch it.

Liberal society—and, a fortiori, the liberal utopia—requires three classes of people in order to maintain its existence: liberal whites, non-liberal whites, and nonwhites. The liberal whites are the elite, the raison d’ĂȘtre, of the society, the embodiment of its ideals. The nonwhites are needed in order for the liberal whites to have objects upon whom to practice the liberal virtue of non-discrimination and thus prove the liberal society’s right to exist. The non-liberal whites, a.k.a. “typical white people,” are needed as the representatives of the bad, non-liberal principle of discrimination against which and in comparison with which the liberal whites demonstrate their liberal virtue. Without non-liberal whites as the principle of the badness that must be overcome, liberal society would lose its motivation, the drive that keeps it going. So, though liberal society wages an unceasing war against non-liberal whites, it must not actually eliminate them.

On another point, isn’t it remarkable that Mrs. Dunham died one day before the likely election of her grandson as president? Well, she probably knew it was likely.

Michael S. writes:

Let’s hope her eternity adds up to more than her life apparently has done.

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