Are blacks the most violent?

Joe C. writes:

Always read your blog and like it very much. A thought struck my mind over the issue of black-on-white crime and if blacks are more violent. If history is any guide, Europeans aren’t exactly lily-white of the issue of perpetrating violence though perhaps the worst atrocity ever was the Holocaust in its coldbloodedness. Sure it was more clinical that say a knifing but the victim is still dead.

I don’t disagree with your accounts by the way.

LA replies:

Thank you.

Of course I agree, nothing in history that we know of matches what the Nazis did. But it was a different kind of violence. It was mass, organized violence. Yes, this organized violence also licensed individuals to behave like savages, but still it was a huge organized movement.

The main thrust of black violence in modern society is quite different. It is a combination of the random, meaningless, Brownian motion-type violence that blacks routinely inflict on each other, and the racial violence they inflict on non-blacks. Both of these modes of black violence occur suddenly, impulsively, with little or no purpose or forethought. In the case of black anti-white attacks there is maximum damaging violence aimed at defacing, disfiguring, and destroying the helpless victim. It is truly and purely savage. The Nazis’ destruction of the Jews certainly involved unprecedented savagery at the points of application, but I’m not sure if “savagery” is the right word for the Nazi Holocaust as such, this organized campaign to dehumanize and eliminate European Jewry.

One of my personal models for savagery is what certain American Indian tribes would do to any member of a different tribe who fell into their grip: they would torture him in unbelievable ways for days or weeks until he died. This reminds of us the Knoxville Atrocity. Another classic example of pure savagery is the way blacks knock a white victim to the ground then repeatedly kick him in the head while he lies helpless. Also, in much black violence there’s that quality of sudden rampage, which has reminded many observers of the behavior of wild chimpanzees on a rampage. No group other than blacks exhibits that kind of behavior.

Joe C. replies:

Yes good points. It’s the randomness/freelancing and frequency of it all that’s disturbing. I think we’re seeing the beginnings of the fall of the West. The bright light was always the U.S., but that’s dimming now for the many reasons mentioned on your blog. The Western Left is responsible for this state of affairs and of course the p*ssy right which always offers leftism in half measures.

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