A prayer

Kristor at The Orthosphere has done a great thing. He is organizing a massed intercessory prayer for myself. This means that as many people all over the world who want to participate will pray for me at the same hour, next Sunday, January 13. Please read his extraordinary message, “A Prayer for Lawrence Auster,” which he is asking other bloggers to help spread. I am blessed to be the recipient of such concern and such love.

When Kristor called me to propose this idea, a week or two ago, I told him it was very welcome and also synchronicitous, since recently, sensing that my health prospects were getting worse (and this was before the current, very severe intestinal troubles began two weeks ago), I had been thinking of asking VFR readers to pray for me, but didn’t know how to proceed with that. Well, Kristor seemed to have been reading my mind, or perhaps we were reading the same Mind.

Thank you, Kristor, and everyone.

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A reader in California writes:

Your post this morning about intercessional prayer and synchronicity hit me like a bolt. Last night, after regular prayers, your plight occurred to me out of the blue and I recited a prayer for your wellness and recovery. It was the first time I had said such a prayer that I recall. And now, within only hours, this beautiful effort by Kristor and others. That seems to me an amazing series of events, the sort of thing that can only happen when the mind is freed from worldly troubles and space is made for God in our consciousness.

Not only that, but at the same time you penned this insight that struck a chord for me:

“Well, Kristor seemed to have been reading my mind, or perhaps we were reading the same Mind.”


Blessings from California.

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