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One of the best things about the March on Washington last week was the wonderfully inventive, on-point, and entertaining signs carried by the marchers. Not only do these signs show the intelligence and spirit of the American people, they show how utterly different we are from other Western peoples, all of whom are now under the power of the state and seem to have lost any spirit. And the first and main way in which people come under the power of the state is by socialized medicine.

Indeed, the real world has become like the fictional world of Atlas Shrugged, in which every country on earth is a People’s Republic, except for the United States.

When we consider how the march and the entire anti-Obamacare movement represents the best of America, and how the left is portraying this movement as a bunch of low-level, moronic bigots, then we realize that the left doesn’t just hate us and want to destroy us, the left hates the good and wants to destroy it.

The left turns the good into bad, and the bad into good. Thus the Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi called the anti-Obamacare people “Astroturf,” meaning that they were a synthetic movement orchestrated by corporate interests, when, in reality, their demonstrations and appearances at townhall meetings were a spontaneous expression of real people responding to a real threat to their liberty, their property, and even (when we remember the bureaucratic horrors, rationing, and waiting lines brought by socialized medicine) their lives.

In this connection, here is a comment sent two weeks ago that was never posted. Be sure to see the linked web page to see what real “Astroturf” looks like.

Joel P. wrote:

Here’s an excellent pictorial report from about a month ago that captures the difference between the grassroots nature of the anti-ObamaCare folks and the astroturfing rampant on the left. Be sure to check out the pictures of the two Hispanic men (probably illegals) holding fancy, professionally-made pro-ObamaCare signs that they can’t even read.

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Ferg writes:

I have just one question for Obamacare supporters. If I have a heart attack and call 911, are they going to ask me how old I am?

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