I missed all the excitement and confusion

I’m just back from being away from my computer all afternoon, and in my Inbox there are about 20 e-mails from readers about Shareef Allman, reporting (a) that he’s been killed, (b) that he hasn’t been killed but captured, (c), that he’s still at large, or (d), some ambiguous combination of (a), (b), or (c). Here are the subject lines of some of the e-mails I’ve received, in the order in which they were sent, linked to the news articles they linked:

Allman Shot and Killed By Police

Killed or captured?

Allman shot dead

Shareef Allman has been shot and killed by police

Allman still at large

Calif. workplace killing suspect reportedly shot dead

Allman still at large

I have some catching up to do.

UPDATE, 5:54 p.m.: The most recent story I find is from the BBC, posted at 5:48 p.m., saying that a man answering Allman’s description was shot and killed by three officers on routine street patrol after he crouched behind a car and brandished a firearm. His identity has not yet been confirmed.

The BBC story also has this gem:

It is not clear what may have prompted Allman to snap but it is said he became upset during a routine safety meeting and left, before returning with a rifle.

Yep, just another one of those random, senseless, meaningless acts of homicide that have been increasingly common in America and Britain for the last fifty years. The BBC either is not reading or is deliberately ignoring the detailed accounts from Allman’s co-workers and victims telling that they had made numerous complaints to management about his unsafe and reckess driving of his truck, and that he had said all these complaints were made because he is African-American. The great likelihood is that this rampage was not the result of some isolated mad impulse that has no meaning, but the result of a combination of black dysfunction and an exacerbated false belief in black victimhood that has plenty of meaning. Just don’t expect to see such meaning talked about at the BBC, or anywhere in the mainstream media.

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Here are fuller comments from readers about what they’ve been reading:

Leonard K. writes (12:58 p.m.):

Shareef Allman, the California cement plant shooter, is now dead. The media is full of lies telling us how great and peaceful he was. But his collegue, whom he shot and wounded, is painting a different portrait.

Leonard K. writes (1:13 p.m.):

I have just read that Allman had been killed; now they are reporting that he’s been captured.

Confusing …

Mike writes (2:25 p.m.):

Calif. workplace killing suspect reportedly shot dead Friends knew man as a ‘Mr. Mom,’ strong Christian and public access TV host

It’s from MSNBC and of course it contains all the usual liberal clichés. “He was a wonderful man” blah, blah …

David B. writes:

This CNN report states that Shareef Allman is believed to have been killed. Confirmation from the coroner is awaited. It ends with:

“KGO reported that Allman is a community television host who regularly preaches about non-violence.”

This is not a parody.

LA replies:

Of course he preaches about and believes in non-violence. He was forced against his will into violence by the anti-black prejudices of his co-workers.

On a deeper level, however, he was forced into violence by the white liberal ideology which told him all his life that as a black victim of racism he could do no wrong, and that if any white or other non-black said he was doing wrong, that was racism.

David B. writes:

Allman’s ex-wife said he had a violent temper and assaulted her. Where have we heard this before?

Nik S. writes:

Worth a read.

Alexis Zarkov writes (2:59 p.m.):

Santa Clara County Sheriff deputies have shot and killed fugitive Allman. The news article is a virtual carbon copy of what we usually get with stories like this. The neighbors seem always to like the murderer:

Allman’s neighbors at Stonegate apartments in North San Jose described him as a likable, sharp-dressed guy, a single parent who goes to church and works out a lot. Several said he was a former semiprofessional boxer. Neighbors said they never saw him do anything violent. All expressed shock when they learned he was suspected in a mass shooting.

This incident is yet more fodder for the gun-control movement. They believe that if handguns were not available then the Allman incident would not have happened. Little do they realize in many situations the lack of a handgun would have made the situation worse. Allman could have taken a shotgun, cut down the barrel and stock, and taken it to his meeting in a shopping bag. A sawed-off shotgun would have been far more lethal. Likewise the banning of inexpensive handguns often called “Saturday Night Specials” can also be counter productive. Many of these handguns are so defective they won’t even discharge. I would much rather face someone with a 22-caliber Saturday Night Special then someone with a 40-caliber high quality handgun such as a Glock or a Sig Sauer. The handgun control people can’t reason. Being liberals they live in a fantasy world that’s far different from the real world the rest of us inhabit.

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