Was Foxx called a nigger? And the new John Brown’s raid.

In addition to boasting about how much fun it was to kill whites in his new movie, Jamie Foxx also said this week:

Being called a nigger as a young kid by white people was something I had to deal with. Having that done to me I was able to grasp what was going on in the script. When a project becomes magic and special it means that at certain points in the script it parallels your story.

As soon as read that, I became suspicious. I figured that Foxx is about 40 or 45 (in fact he was born 45 years ago today, December 13, 1967, in Texas), meaning that he was a young kid in the 1970s. Did white people really throw around “nigger,” even in Texas, in the Seventies? I don’t think so. Here’s what I think is the truth: when Fox was a young boy, say between eight and eleven, young white boys, also aged between eight and eleven, called him “nigger” two or three times. And he has now turned that childish name-calling into a scenario in which “white people,” i.e., white adults, routinely called him a nigger, thus putting him on the same exalted level of victimhood as a black slave who is justified in killing whites.

Also, about slaves killing whites, I’m reminded of John Brown’s raid on the federal armory in Harper’s Ferry, Virginia in 1859. The purpose of the raid was to arm slaves and spark a slave rebellion. In that rebellion, whites would be slaughtered and raped. The fact that Northern newspapers seemed to condone the raid convinced Southerners that the North was their enemy and led directly to the Southern Secession.

It occurs to me that while John Brown’s raid was unsuccessful, what we have been experiencing in this country since the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act is a successful, slow-motion John Brown’s raid. Blacks have been liberated and empowered by fanatical white egalitarians, and they are using their freedom and power to kill, rape, and terrorize whites, with the silent acquiescence of the nation’s news media—a silence that adds up to condoning the ongoing anti-white savagery.

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Bruce B. writes:

Chris Rock used to claim this too and I always doubted it. I grew up in the 1980’s and no one ever called them that. You’d get beat up if you did.

LA replies:

As I said, probably what happened was that when he was nine, a nine year old white boy called him a nigger.

Richard Allen writes:

I would bet that Jamie Foxx was called a nigger when he was growing up but it was by other blacks.

LA replies:

Hmm, possible. That would be in keeping with the rule that all black misbehaviors and failures are blamed on whites.

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