Jonah Goldberg writes:

… I’ve only just now actually watched the apparently infamous “dude” scene from Obama’s Daily Show appearance. I think everyone’s missing the most revealing part of the exchange (including Dana Milbank). Look, I think calling the president “dude” is inappropriate in almost all circumstances. But one of the circumstances where it’s not is on the Daily Show. You accept an invitation to be on the Daily Show, you should not be shocked that it’s the Daily Show when you get there.

A commenter at Lucianne.com replies:

Reply 1—Posted by: Spidey, 10/29/2010 6:02:40 AM

Obama lowers the prestige of the office by going on a show like Stewarts’ so calling him a dude in that setting is OK. Instead of doing his job as president, Obama focuses on being a hipster to drag in the celebrity cult types…. Obama’s trying to reclaim his old magic with younger people but will it work to get them to the polls to vote for an old white guy like Dingell?

Notice how Obama’s going to every venue except those that are middle class white folks who he considers to be the enemy that needs to be punished.

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LA writes:

Goldberg says that calling the president “dude” is inappropriate in almost all circumstances. Yet this same Goldberg thinks that making references to excretory bodily functions is appropriate in every conservative venue in which he, Goldberg, publishes.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at October 29, 2010 07:40 AM | Send

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