Thanks from a reader

Monte F. writes:

God Bless You, you make me smarter every day! I’ve learned more from you in the past couple of years than in the previous 33.

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LA to Monte F.:

Thank you very much. What a lovely thing to say. I’m so glad you have found VFR to be helpful.

April 21

Buck O. writes:

I second Monte F.’s sentiment. I’m rough around the edges, a little lazy, and often flighty, but I, too, have come a long way over the last few years because of VFR, which has been the epicenter of my late and ongoing intellectual growth. Uneducated and historically intimidated as I am by the educated and by serious intellects, VFR—you, Larry, and so many branches off this tree—have ordered my thinking and have given me a long missing and long doubted confidence. I was generally confident that my instincts were good, and I lived right, but I was rarely able to articulate my thinking, and to take ownership of the better ideas with that same confidence. Now, even my silly and unserious side has been improved. Started so late, I know that I’ll never catch up, but the days past, in which I wondered, What the hell is going on?, will largely remain behind me. This, though, is not an absolute good. Occasionally, I shrug and think—in the face of modern liberalism’s prevailing authority—that ignorance just might be bliss. Not nihilism, but, an occasional weekend pass from modern liberalism’s denial of reality.

Thanks again,


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