The Thinking Housewife exposes Cameron’s bluff

Laura Wood writes:

David Cameron decried the immorality of British society in his address before Parliament today. “As I said yesterday, there is no one step that can be taken. But we need a benefit system that rewards work and that is on the side of families,” he said.

That would mean a system that provided no public benefits to unmarried women at all. As discussed in a previous post, the illegitimacy rate in Britain for native-born whites exceeds 50 percent and in some areas, two out of three children are born out of wedlock. The government provides single mothers with income support, housing benefits, and free milk and vitamins. So generous is the British government toward unwed mothers that a recent proposal to cap total household benefits for single mothers to £18,200 to prevent it from exceeding the average income of similar households without benefits has sparked anger.

And, Laura continues, there is no sign that Cameron has any intention of doing anything that would reduce illegitimacy and strengthen family formation. I haven’t read his speech yet, but I did a few searches of it and found zero appearances of “marriage,” “illegitimacy,” “illeg,” “single,” and “fathers.”

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