Why Laura Bush thinks conservatives oppose Miers

Mrs. Bush’s remark, quoted below, is so self-evidently disgraceful that I was going to quote it without comment, but I can’t refrain. It is a disgrace. It is, moreover, an index of where her husband is coming from as well.

“That’s possible, I think that’s possible,” Mrs. Bush said when asked on NBC’s “Today Show” whether criticism that Miers lacked intellectual heft were sexist in nature. She said Miers’ accomplishments as a lawyer made her a role model to young women.

Thankfully, at Lucianne.com, a website where the only cult transcending Laura worship is George worship, the L-dotters aren’t buying her smear. Which raises the question: do America’s First Couple think it’s wise to suggest that half their supporters are sexists? Well, why not? Mr. Bush says that America is still characterized by the same racism that was involved in slavery, and I think he said it because he believes it. Similarly, I think Mrs. Bush said opponents of Miers are likely motivated by sexism because she’s truly believes that conservatives are nasty, backward people, and she didn’t calculate the political costs to her husband of her saying so.

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