Senate Republicans can’t bring themselves to say “white male” (let alone “white man”)

A. Zarkov writes:

In watching the hearings on the Sotomayor nomination I see that the Republicans have trouble saying “white male” when they quote Sotomayor on the “wise Latina” remark. I watched (I think) Kyl quote the remark, but when he got to the very end, he stumbled, substituting “non-Hispanic” for “white male.” Until that point it was a verbatim quote. [LA replies: Unbelievable. If it was Kyl, I fully withdraw my compliment of his questioning as “great.”] However Lindsay Graham did get out the full quote after asking Sotomayor for it. While he was looking for the quote in his papers (perhaps it was a pretense), he asked her to say it, but she sat there in icy silence until he found it. Then he read out the full quote. I also watched Jeff Sessions make the substitution at the end. So today even white southern politicians can’t talk about white people directly—even in a quote.

LA replies:

Even Sessions? Et tu, Jeff?

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Buck writes:

Why can’t a white man say “white male”? The pathetic losers can’t even acknowledge (or proclaim!) their own race and sex at the crucial moment within the most important and profound context in which that very identity is being challenged as inferior and it is to be forever subjugated by the authority of the wiser Hispanic female that has challenged it and now seeks a ruling authority over them for the remainder of her life.

Why? I guess that they are essentially cowards.

LA replies:

That’s right. As I’ve been pointing out for years, whites today believe it is racist to think of yourself as white. The very idea of being white is racist. There is nothing legitimate about being white. How then, when whites are being subjected to an anti-white standard, as with Sotomayor’s statements, or are being verbally threatened or physically attacked as whites by nonwhites, as we see in every week’s news stories, are whites to stand up and say that this is wrong? They can’t say it is wrong, because to so would be racist. Imagine if Jews thought it was illegitimate to be Jews, and then found themselves subject to intense anti-Semitism. How would they protest the anti-Semitism? They wouldn’t be able to, because in order to protest the anti-Jewish behavior they would have to speak of themselves as Jews, and they’ve already determined that Jewishness is illegitimate. such is the situation of whites.

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