Will conservatives abide in the terrible truth, or revert to their standard optimism?

Peter H. writes:

You wrote:

“Our future is to be a country ruled by a coalition of nonwhite parasites and white leftist scum.”

One reason among many that I love reading VFR is terrific turns of phrase like this one! You mentioned Sean Hannity. I’ve heard him and several other “conservative” commentators say that the reason the election was lost is our changing demographic. They then turn around and say something like, “We need a strong conservative to get our message out,” or “Mitt Romney was not a strong candidate.” Hannity has been saying for five years now that Obama is a catastrophe and that his reelection would be disastrous for America, then he signs off his show last night with his trademark “Let not your heart be troubled.” I’m confused. If a disaster has befallen the country, shouln’t my heart be troubled?

All of the commentators talk about the browning of America as though it were an inevitability. Not one brings up the topic of immigration. I don’t think any of them realize what an actual disaster has befallen the country over the past 45 years by importing millions upon millions of Third-Worlders. It seems not to be on their radar screen at all, when it should be the first thought to occur to them. Most pathetic is the idea that by repackaging the conservative message, we’ll be able to make inroads, particularly with Hispanic voters. In my view, this is laughable, impossible. It will never happen. If we don’t stop Third-World immigration and encourage Third-Worlders who are here (whether legally or illegally) to leave, we will eventually become a Third-World country where I don’t want to live and where I don’t want my children and grandchildren to live. I believe the current election and our current financial crisis are symptomatic of our racial transformation and that the latter is, likewise, not likely to improve significantly until the subject of immigration/repatriation is addressed.

LA replies:

First, as I wrote in Chapter One of The Path to National Suicide:

[E]ven when people realize the unimaginable scope of the changes taking place in our country, there is a feeling that those changes are inevitable. It is as though the “browning of America,” as Time has dubbed it, were a kind of vast natural phenomenon, as far outside of human control as continental drift. There seems to be almost no awareness of the fact that this alteration of our society is the result, not of an act of God, but of an act of Congress; not of some inviolable provision in the Constitution, but of a law passed in 1965.

Second, earlier today I gave Sean Hannity credit for seeming to recognize that America “is no longer the center-right country that it once was.” But if he also wants to maintain the standard mainstream conservative optimism, that will prevent him from ever following through on such insights, and he will remain a loyalist to what is now America’s lawless leftist regime.

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