Glenn Beck does it again

Robert B. writes:

That moron has yet another historical revisionist (the author of “The Devil Colony”) on his show claiming that the entire impetus behind our Constitution, as well as the Great Seal itself, came entirely from the Iroquois Indians Thus totally negating 3500 years of white Western history. This is yet one more example of why I can no longer listen to or watch Fox News on any regular basis.

LA replies:

I would remind readers that two or more years ago, when many conservatives including some readers of this site were highly enthusiastic about Beck, I said he was a clown whom I could not take seriously.

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Robert B. writes:

So I see. Beck is just another DWL [disingenuous white liberal?] who happens to be a Libertarian.

Hope you’re having a good day, Lawrence. Sometimes it’s just good to be alive, is it not?

Paul K. writes:

I don’t know if Robert B. recalls a week of programs Beck did about a year ago on the tremendous influence African Americans had on the writing of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. It looks as though even they now have to take a back seat to the Iroquois.

When Beck gets on a roll, he doesn’t seem to care what comes out of his mouth. Perhaps due to the unfounded accusations that he’s an anti-Semite, he’s recently been effusing hysterically about his regard for Israel. In a recent show, he said that Israel is America’s strongest ally, in fact, our only REAL ally, as Great Britain, Australia, Canada are useless and pathetic, their armies little better than a joke. These are countries that have actually contributed combat troops to America’s wars, and Beck utterly dismisses them!

As far as Fox News is concerned, I still think the six o’clock news show with Brett Baier is the most palatable daily news recap on television.

Greg W. writes:

Glenn Beck reminds me of elementary school teachers. When there is an open house at school or some other public gathering of students and parents, the teacher makes a perfunctory comment such as “all of these kids are very smart, and they all have made much progress.” In front of the parents, the teacher has to act as if all the students are equal. The difference however is I think the teachers KNOW they are stating a lie, where Glenn Beck just doesn’t know any better.

Ken Hechtman writes:

This is the Albany Plan theory.

I’ve been hearing versions of it from Mohawk traditionalists for twenty years. There’s a grain of truth to it but not much more than that. Benjamin Franklin did write about the Iroquois Confederacy and their constitution (the Great Law). The Great Law does have a few elements that are similar to the American Constitution. It has checks and balances, it has separation of powers, it has a multicameral legislature, it has a way for the member nations to keep their identity while participating in a larger political union. There are also some important differences. All positions of responsibility are either hereditary or appointed by people in hereditary positions. Even today, Mohawk traditionalists won’t vote in their own band council elections because they believe in a hereditary system. Also, major decisions can only be taken by consensus, not by majority vote. Their legislature (the Longhouse) has three “houses.” The Turtle Clan proposes measures, the Wolf Clan opposes them and then the Bear Clan hammers out a workable compromise that everybody can live with.

Now, when Franklin was helping to write the constitution in 1787, did he remember what he saw in 1744 and wrote about in 1751? Maybe and maybe not. He certainly never said anything about it at the time. If anybody else knew Franklin’s ideas came from the Iroquois Great Law, they never said anything about it at the time.

LA replies:

There have been federations through history, including the Iroquois federation, which had precisely nothing to do with the writing of the U.S. Constitution.

Randy B. writes:

Beck lost me when he started down the path of MLK worship. He obviously knows nothing more about the man then that which was pumped into his brain during his pre-drop out high school years.

June 24

DE writes:

You posted:

Robert B. writes:

That moron has yet another historical revisionist (the author of “The Devil Colony”) on his show claiming that the entire impetus behind our Constitution, as well as the Great Seal itself, came entirely from the Iroquois Indians

It would be nice for these folks to post the video or audio of their accusations. The catalogues his tv show and may do the same with audio. Lately, being a viewer/listener of his radio and tv shows, I haven’t heard him talking about the Indians Cleveland or otherwise.

LA replies:

Well, that’s asking a lot, to expect commenters to go searching for a video or a transcript any time they want to comment on something they saw on TV.

Also, the trasncripts/videos are often not available for a while.

At the same time, I admit it’s a problem. People may think they heard/read something which in fact they didn’t hear/read. Perhaps I should follow this rule. In an ordinary comment added after an entry, evidence is not required. But if I am making a reader’s comment the main entry, as I did in this case, then evidence should be required.

Still, I don’t know if that’s practicable.

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