A ubiquitous but never mentioned symbol of our, ahem, culture

Paul Weston (who is a UKIP candidate for Parliament) sends this photo of singer Cheryl Cole, performing Tuesday night at the Brit Awards, Britain’s annual awards program for pop music.


The Mail article has many more photos of the performance.

Here is the web page for the Brit Awards. This photo is on the lower right of that page.


The present culture can’t have enough of white woman, black man. Yet if you asked any media and especially advertising people why they constantly hawk that particular race-sex combination and not the numerous other possible race-sex combinations, they would doubtless claim not to know what you are talking about. And if you brought the subject up to your average liberal, he/she would probably reply that you have a psycho-sexual-racial problem and need help.

So, there are three components of this phenomenon: the liberal message itself; the fact that the existence of this increasingly prevalent liberal message is never commented on; and the manner by which any thought or discussion about this increasingly prevalent image and its meaning is effectively suppressed.

Just as, in liberal society, it’s perfectly ok for liberals, acting in full consciousnes of what they’re doing, to promote mass nonwhite immigration leading to the destruction of the historic Western nations and the end of the white West, but it’s not ok for anyone to notice that this is happening (except of course to approve of it), in the same way it’s ok for our media mind-managers, acting in full consciousness of what they’re doing, to promote the coupling of white women and black men, but it’s not ok for anyone to notice that this message is being conveyed (except of course to approve of it).

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Patrick H. writes:

I’m not writing about the gist of your post on black men with white women, but instead to ask why you apparently have conceded the English language to the PC-feminist language nazis by your use of the barbaric solecism he/she (“he/she would reply with … “). It is profoundly depressing to see this ugliness spread even into your blog. I hope it was only a momentary lapse of reason, taste, wisdom and sense on your part, and you will return to your admirably un-PC traditional self as soon as possible.

I rely on some things in this world to stand firm against modern liberal-PC madness, and you are one of those things. For the love of God, Auster! Come back!

And don’t ever scare me like this again.

Respectfully though with a touch of concern,

LA replies:

I was doing it deliberately to suggest the soullessness of liberals. I don’t normally use that expression at all.

A similar example is my use of “humans.” Speaking in my own voice, I never refer to human beings as “humans”—a depersonalizing term suitable to the speech of alien space invaders in a sci-fi movie. But I do use it when I’m negatively characterizing liberal ideas. For example, I’ve spoken of (this isn’t an exact quote) “the liberal vision of a borderless world consisting of six billion humans copulating and consuming.”

LA writes:

Another thing: in both the Cheryl Cole performance and in the Dirtee Love ad at the Brit Awards website, the white woman is presented as dominant in relation to the black men. In the Cole number the black men are presented, along with two white men, as her slaves, and in the Dirtee Love ad the black man is the white woman’s sexual pet: the woman is taller than the man, and has her arm draped possessively around his shoulders; she’s glorying in herself, while he’s smiling politely.

The white woman with her liberated and empowered sexuality rules the world, she rules black men and white men.

Now look again at the photo of Cheryl Cole, with her columnar thighs spread wide, and her high-heel black leather boots resting on the backs of two black male sex slaves, while other males dance attendance around her, then consider this slightly changed version of Cassius’ speech to Brutus in Julius Caesar:

Why, man, she doth bestride the narrow world
Like a Colossus, and we petty men
Walk under her huge legs and peep about
To find ourselves dishonorable graves.

Rick Darby writes:

That picture at the top is beyond belief. Conceivably something like it might have been on view in a very louche Berlin nightclub in the decadent ’30s, but on British national TV, no doubt viewed by millions of kids?

Racial issues aside, this widespread picture (er, pun intended, I guess) of cultural emptiness should be utterly disheartening to anyone with a taste for beauty or grace. Modern pop culture seems only to need ever-greater “edginess,” more-more-more stimulation.

Where can it go from here? It doesn’t bear thinking on.

LA replies:

I agree with you that the racial aspect of this is not the only aspect. The dance number could be discussed from the point of view of its sheer decadence, of its picture of female dominance, and probably other themes too, without any reference to race.

Patrick H. replies to LA:
Thank God! You had me really worried there for a bit …

Actually, I suspected you might have done that, hence the tongue-in-cheek “scolding.”

Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re going to be able to win back the English language from the “he/she” brigade. They’re everywhere. And it depresses me no end. It would be a great victory for tradition if “he” could be reclaimed as the singular neuter pronoun. But let no man or woman hold his/her breath, because s/he will suffocate themselves waiting for that day. Sigh. We’ve “liberated” ourselves into the most minutely intrusive detailed monitoring of speech and behaviour. Who’d have thought we’d end up here? The sole accomplishment of feminism: no-one can just say “he” any more. You go girl!

February 20

Charles T. writes:

Patrick H. wrote: “Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re going to be able to win back the English language from the “he/she” brigade.”

Maybe. Perhaps we should adapt with some humor. Instead of saying “he” or “she”, or even “he/she”; we should consider a third option.

The third option is “she/he/it.” In just three words we have expressed gender and neutrality in one breath. We can be fashionable too.

Do not say it too fast without practicing first. Rapid delivery might convey a different meaning which is unacceptable in polite company.

LA replies:

Bob Dylan anticipated you. He came up with the all inclusive pronoun form in “It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)” (YouTube):

A question in your nerves is lit
Yet you know there is no answer fit
To satisfy, ensure you not to quit
To keep it in your mind and not forget
That it is not he or she or them or it
That you belong to.

Mark P. writes:

That picture is very amusing. I’m sure Weimar Germany had similar images in their cabarets.

Mark J. writes:

I would have to disagree that it has only been the black man / white woman interracial pairing that has been promoted by the media.

White men with East Asian women has also been a ubiquitous theme—from Madame Butterfly, through to Sayonara, to Suzy Wong and many many others. Much of this was well before the era of modern political correctness.

White Nationalists are often curiously selective in being outraged, rightly, of white women paired with black men, but seem indifferent to the many cases of white men dating yellow women.

It seems that for whites, even white nationalists, it is almost acceptable for white men to date Asian women, but not for white women to date black men.

LA replies:

I would say that you are missing the forest for the clumps of trees.

Certainly there are many white man / East Asian woman pairings in fiction. But they were mostly in the past. Madama Butterly is from the 19th century. There were several movies in the Fifties—they all seemed to star William Holden—in which a white American man would get involved with an Asian woman. That was an expression of liberalism, but a much more mild liberalism than what we have today. It was seen as the most acceptable, because the least threatening, form of interracial relationship, which was why the culture of the Fifties went for it. But we’ve gone way beyond that now. White man / Asian woman pairings are not promoted through media and imagery the way black man / white woman couples are. And there’s a reason for that. The latter represents the downfall of the white man and thus of the white race itself. The former is also a problem, but it’s only recognized as a problem by race conscious whites. Liberals would not see the image of white man / Asian woman as a way of sticking it to the white culture.

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