Anti-Semitism and the Jews—a collection

This entry contains collections of VFR articles on the following topics:

Anti-Semites and anti-Israelites

Anti-Semitism at 2006 American Renaissance conference

My approach to the Jewish problem

When it’s legitimate to criticize Jews as Jews.

Anti-Semites and anti-Israelites

Pro-Nazi website [After I come upon the pro-Nazi website, Vanguard News Network, and say something about it, several commenters from there start to post at VFR and reveal what they are about. Their comments are not deleted but left online for all to see. After I close them out of VFR, they issue the usual complaints about being closed out and not given a hearing, and I point out that given that they are from a site where the slogan is “No Jews, Just Right,” they are hardly in a position to complain about being kicked out of a site hosted by a Jew. That seems to silence them.]

How is anti-Semitism to be discussed? [After a commenter says that the word anti-Semitism doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a tool to silence people, I quote a deranged interview by a Muslim Sheikh who says that Israel was behind the 9/11 attack, and ask the commenter if this is anti-Semitic. He declines to say that it is, which, as I point out, shows that there’s nothing that he will say is anti-Semitic.]

Reader says that Roberts is sane and that I’m demented

(How anti-Semites complain that they’re being called anti-Semites merely for “criticizing” Israel)

Anti-Semite issues me a challenge [The non-Nonwhite Theory of Nonwhite Invasion. Anti-Semite ignores nonwhite problem, says getting rid of Jews will solve everything. Concerns GuessedWorker, the owner of Majority Rights blog.]

Thomas Fleming, Nowhere Man [A reader says we shouldn’t favor Israel but reveals he’s against Israel and for terrorists.]

Thomas Fleming on the 9/11 attack

Figuring out the anti-Semites

The American Renaissance anti-Semite saga continues

Do I have a double standard on Jews and blacks? [My reply to Undercover Black Man.]

If Mary went to Bethlehem today [Devastating summary by commenter Tom S. on the paleocons’ total hostility to Israel.]

Anti-Semite issues me a challenge

Another anti-Semite finds me out [Tanstaafl quotes my articles on Jews, and thinks I’m an anti-Semite too, and thus a hypocrite for attacking him.]

I am attacked for not being an anti-Semite [With quotes of Tanstaafl saying “Jews are my enemy, and an account of my previous dealings with him at John Savage’s site.]

Should Auster be ostracized? [Contains a classic Tanstaafl quote, in which he says that I should direct “all” my criticism against “jews.”]

Savage discovers white nationalism [John Savage aligns himself with anti-Semites and also becomes hostile toward me.]

The final solution to the right’s anti-Semitism problem [Neo nazis must be asked to leave AR]

Why anti-Semitism? [Yes, there are reasons people would dislike Jews, but nothing to explain pathological anti-Semitism. Commenters offer theories, I find all of them inadequate.]

The world-bending pathology of the anti-Semites

The mystery of pathological anti-Semitism

Reader says that Roberts is sane and that I’m demented [How anti-Americans and anti-Israelites take arguably true statements about the world and leverage them into insane conspiracy theories]

Some jobs Sailer won’t do, some jobs he will [The entry includes a comment by Lindsay Wheeler who says Israel is a terrorist state and deserves to be hit by terrorist attacks forever.]

Why do the anti-Semites always deny their own openly stated positions? [Summing up the syndrome by which they call for Israel’s destruction, and then complain that they are being excluded because they “refuse to jump on the Zionist bandwagon,” or because they “dared to criticize” Israel.]

The Neo-Darwinian/Neo-Nazi Synthesis [Revealing discussion with Mark Richardson about the Majority Rights site. “They take genetics and group competition for genetic reproduction as the real drivers, which means that political beliefs and ideals and the morality deriving from them are not to be taken at face value but represent a kind of coded aspect of the underlying genetic reality of things… given this approach they are taking the only attitude to you that’s possible for them as concerns you. They are locked into it. It would disprove their theory if you were not in a coded way acting for specifically Jewish genetic interests.”]

What should be the paleocons’ stand toward Israel?[A close analysis of the paleoconservatives’ unprincipled, anti-Semitic, and self-marginalizing position on Israel, contrasted with the principled and winning position on Israel which the paleocons ought to take, but which the great majority of them won’t take—because they are, in fact, anti-Semitic.]

Anti-Semitism at 2006 American Renaissance conference

Jared Taylor’s refusal to condemn anti-Semitism

The Dar al-Whiteness

The world-bending pathology of the anti-Semites

Figuring out the anti-Semites

The American Renaissance anti-Semite saga continues

Anti-Semites: the evil and stupid party

My approach to the Jewish problem

Why Jews Welcome Moslems [How many Jews fear white American gentiles more than they fear Muslims. FrontPage Magazine, 2004]

The anti-Semites and me; and my solution to the Jewish problem [About Majority Rights, which says my real purpose is to undermine whites for the sake of Jews.; Entry includes my solution to the Jewish problem:

Is my criticism of Jewish attitudes the same as Kevin MacDonald’s?

A proposal to achieve Jewish-Christian cooperation in defense of the West [Reader says that if the majority declares its protection and love of the Jews, the Jews will feel an intense loyalty to America and help defend it.]]

Responding to a charge of anti-Semitism [Sam H. says Gintas’ comment on Daniel Pipes is anti-Semitic, and I reply.]

A new idea for a traditionalist America [Ezra F.’s proposal for an America as a coalition of traditionalist groups, and my rejection of it because it leaves out American nationhood.]

When it’s legitimate to criticize Jews as Jews

Jews’ idiotic [and wicked] anti-nationalism [During 2006 immigration debate, Jewish columnist Matthew Yglesias explains why Jews far more than Christians say immigration improves America: because they are opposed to nationalism, because they feel nationalism is bad for Jews. I discuss in detail objectionable Jewish attitudes like these and say that others must chastise Jews about them, which has never been done.]

Mark Rudd on Jewishness and Sixties radicalism [He claims that his leftist anti-Americanism is representative of Jewishness. “We’d better not (join up with the American or any empire); it’s our job to be critical outsiders, both for our own survival and for that of the planet.” America is not Rudd’s country. America is a bad country in which Rudd happens to reside, and from which he must separate himself in order to save himself and mankind, but not in order to save America.]

National coalition of Jewish organizations demands end of immigration law enforcement [Progress by Pesach, a galaxy of national Jewish organizations, campaigns to end immigration law enforcement, under rubric that “we were strangers in the land of Egypt.” What they are saying, as Jews, is that they are required by Jewish tradition to undermine American law and sovereignty and allow America to be invaded by illegal aliens.]

Solzhenitsyn and the struggle for Russia’s soul; and Solzhenitsyn and the Jews [Given that Jewish writers and organizations constantly speak in this way (“As Jews, we believe in open borders”), can we fairly criticize Jews, as Jews, as passionate supporters of open immigration? Can we fairly criticize Jews, as Jews, as people who want to transform America and all historically white countries into nonwhite countries? And can we fairly say to the Jews, as Jews, that they should stop doing this objectionable thing?

Why immigrants, as interested parties, should be disqualified from pronouncing on immigration policy [People who are immigrants, or who are of an immigrant background that is more central to their identity than simply being an American, should be disqualified from taking positions on national immigration policy, because such people automatically and unthinkingly supporting more and more immigration. Max Boot. What Paul Greenberg wants, based entirely on his mother’s experience as an immigrant, is literally open borders for everyone in the world who wants to come here. These attitudes are extremely common among Jews, and needs to be exposed and refuted, and not just refuted, but delegitimized.]

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