Gore wants to ban disagreement with global warming

Al Gore says that just as, decades ago, racist comments came to be socially unacceptable, today dissent from the belief in manmade global warming must become socially unacceptable. This, he continues, is the way to “win the conversation.”

Many people will say that Gore’s position is crazy. But it’s no crazier than liberalism itself. Remember that the overcoming of “racism”—meaning the overcoming of the belief that there are group differences that matter—is the sacrament, the central paradigm, of modern liberalism. For liberals, all evils are a variation on the evil of racism. Therefore it’s perfectly normal for liberals to deal with the evil of global-warming denial in the same manner in which they deal with the evil of racism, by prohibiting and suppressing it.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at August 28, 2011 10:20 PM | Send

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