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Here is Jared Taylor on Crosstalk, on an English language Russian cable TV station, with two other guests talking about whether Obama is a post-racial president. It has a funny exchange in which Taylor defends Chris Matthews’s attempt to see Obama non-racially while a black female guest says that we must never forget that a black person is black.

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February 16

OneSTDV writes:

As has become common in the debate concerning “post-racialism,” black and Hispanic commentators largely avoid excoriating whites for explicit racism. Instead they muse on the supposed challenges imposed upon “communities of color” by this nebulous, but altogether odious “institutional racism.” It’s these barriers purported to be inherent in the American system that undermine black and Hispanic achievement. So they’ve changed the discourse, implying that any differences in income, educational attainment, crime rates, etc.. are the result of some vague, embedded force that falsely supports white success over that of NAMs.

Of course, as any race realist knows, these differences are almost fully explained by human biodiversity and genetics. If these race racketeers will only define America as “post-racial” when racial collective achievement is equal between whites and NAMs, then we can confidently predict such a situation will never occur. And if they stubbornly ignore the genetic underpinnings of these differences, then our “race” problem will forever exist.

I fleshed this out a little more during Gatesgates last summer.

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