Figuring out the anti-Semites

I wrote to a correspondent who was part of the group that sent the letter to Jared Taylor complaining about the anti-Semitic behaviors at the American Renaissance conference:

Can you explain to me why the main animus of the anti-Semites (as seen in the long discussion thread at the AR website responding to Jared Taylor’s article) is against “Zionist Jews”? Some even say that they’re not against Jews, just Zionist Jews. Why should they oppose Zionist Jews, i.e., Jews who believe in the existence of the state of Israel? Given their concerns about Jewish cultural influences, wouldn’t they prefer that Jews be in a Jewish state, rather than as minorities in Western countries?

What exactly is their gripe? They seem quite mad.

Correspondent to LA:

I’m not quite up on the details of this, but I think, in their world, Zionist Jews are the ones who are controlling American foreign policy to its detriment. Zionist Jews also have a sense of racial consciousness, which makes them dangerous to whites.

LA to correspondent:

That doesn’t make sense.

First, if it’s it’s all just about Israel, what about the cultural subversion issue, which is supposedly the main threat that Jews pose from the anti-Semites’ point of view?

Second, most Jews are on the left and are not Zionists but seekers of peace and reconciliation with Islam, i.e., of surrender to Islam. So the Jews who are the most destructive culturally are the least Zionist.

Do you grasp not just the evil viciousness of the anti-Semites, but their bottomless stupidity?

Correspondent to LA:

I grasp it, I grasp it. That’s why I participated in writing the letter to Taylor.

LA to correspondent:

But how can you grasp something that’s bottomless? :-)

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