This almost feels like the election of 1994—that moment of perfect satisfaction

The headlines in today’s New York Times tell it all:

G.O.P. Senate Victory Stuns Democrats
Scott Brown, a little-known Republican state senator, defeated the Democrat, Martha Coakley, in the race to fill the Massachusetts Senate seat long held by Edward M. Kennedy.

A Year Later, Voters Send a Different Message
The Senate election result in Massachusetts leaves President Obama with a long list of tough choices.


Democratic Defeat Imperils Health Care Overhaul
In the wake of Tuesday’s upset, House Democrats appeared to rule out the idea of quickly approving a health care measure.

(In response to that last sub-headline, readers are invited to supply their own sound effects. I couldn’t possibly do so. Wouldn’t be dignified.)

And by the way, can you imagine how the Democrats feel today, especially Clinton and Obama? Clinton and the Democrats in ‘93 and ‘94 tried to push through nationalized health insurance—and they couldn’t do it, and then they were trounced in the ‘94 election for having tried to do it. And in 2009 a new youngish Kennedyesque Democrat enters the presidency, picks up the fallen standard of nationalized health insurance, but with an even firmer and more uncompromising determination than the Clintons had to drive the thing through to passage NO MATTER WHAT, NO MATTER HOW TERRIBLE IT IS, NO MATTER HOW MUCH IT FRIGHTENS AND TRAUMATIZES THE AMERICAN PEOPLE—and what happens? The same damned thing. The country’s electorate rejects federal control of health care, and they punish the Democrats for trying to impose it on them.

The Democrats must feel that they are trapped in some Groundhog Day hell, doomed to keep repeating the same actions and frustrations, forever. In Groundhog Day, of course, the protagonist (Bill Murray in a perfect performance) finally begins learning, and changing for the better, going beyond his petty egotism and vanity and becoming a good man, and so ultimately escaping the endless repetition. Can the Democrats follow his example? Ah, but that would mean giving up the egalitarian dream, where “health care is a right, not a privilege,” as Speaker Pelosi put it the other day. So they can’t learn. They are existentially incapable of learning. They will never accept the fact that the American people don’t want the most personal and consequential decisions of their lives controlled by government. We’re not Europeans. We’re not South Americans. We’re not Chinese. We’re not Russians. We are Americans. But the Democrats will NEVER accept that. So they are doomed to keep re-experiencing the 1994 elections and the January 19, 2010 election, forever.

Be sure to read the third Times article I linked above, “Defeat Imperils Health Care Overhaul.” The Democrats met on Tuesday night trying to figure a way forward, and the story makes it clear that they don’t have one. This shows that Pelosi’s certain-sounding statement the other day that the Democrats would pass a bill, “one way or the other,” was braggadocio.

The one possibility remaining to them, it seems, is getting one of the two Republican women of Maine to switch to their side on health care. But, significantly, the story doesn’t even mention that option.

The only path forward that remains for the Democrats, it would seem, is not a short term option, but a long-term one: they’ve got to complete the transformation of America from a white into a non-white country. Once the percentage of whites in the population falls far enough, there won’t be sufficient resistance to socialism to stop natioalized health. There won’t be enough regular Americans like Scott Brown. Which brings us to Obama’s next big ticket item and the looming battle of 2010: Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Literally five seconds after I typed and saved that last paragraph about comprehensive immigration reform, I received this e-mail from John M.:

I had to stomach skimming through a Kos article to get the gist of what he’s saying, and he’s calling for Democrats to fall back on the one issue that he thinks will secure a Democrat victory: amnesty. Now I think his “evidence” for support of amnesty is faulty; I’ve read poll numbers that indicate that a majority of Americans oppose amnesty. But regardless, it doesn’t surprise me that amnesty is being invoked in the face of Brown’s victory (this article was written before Brown’s confirmed victory, but no doubt Kos paid close attention to the poll numbers). Kos feels that this is the Democrat’s saving grace, their nuclear option so to speak. Now, they may very well push for amnesty, but they would have to wait until after the 2010 elections unless they can get it passed in the next few months. But I suspect they will just try to promote even more immigration over here until whites become a minority in the next couple of years and thus whites as a voting bloc will be incapable of breaking a nonwhite-majority backed Democrat regime.

I think that in the eyes of Obama and his radical friends: the health care debate was a field test to measure how progressive the white race has become. And the fact that liberal whites wavered on health care, even in a liberal bastion like Massachusetts, tells Obama that no white can be trusted. There is no good white. A bit extreme of a conclusion, but since when were radicals ever beholden to rational thinking? ;)

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