“Swarm” of “young people” invade and rob Nevada store

(See video here. Also be sure to see Mark A.’s and Richard W.’s comments on the larger meaning of the black flash mob phenomenon.)

The article, as is universal practice in the U.S. mainstream news media, provides no description of this “mob.” Were they Mormons? Mexicans? Muslims? Methodists? Or were they so diverse (like the 17 terrorists arrested in Canada a few years ago) that no generality could be stated about them?

8NewsNow reports:

Mob of Thieves Swarms Las Vegas Convenience Store
May 5, 2011

LAS VEGAS—Caught on camera, a mob of young people bombarded the City Stop convenience store on Sunset Road and Pecos Road and stole $600 in merchandise.

“It became a feeding frenzy,” said City Stop owner Jon Athey. “They were in the store for three minutes and 30 seconds … It’s a pretty scary thing.”

Athey says the crowd darted in and snatched numerous items from the store. “Beer to jerky to candy bars to soda, whatever hit their fancy … potato chips,” he said.

Athey says this tactic is known as a “swarm”. After 42 years in the convenience store business, Athey says this crime stands out.

“This is the biggest one I’ve ever seen,” he said.

If you walk into a convenience store, you expect every move to be recorded on camera. Surveillance cameras in every direction, however, didn’t stop this crew.

“Now, you’re seeing droves swarming in the front doors—right here—as fast as they can come in,” Athey said as he watched the surveillance video. “You can see them milling around by the beer doors. Now, you’re going to see them start selecting products they’re putting in their coat pockets. They’re putting it down their pants.”

The crowd started walking out without paying, only to return. “Here it is, two minutes into the deal. They’re all coming back for seconds,” Athey said.

Seconds later, they grabbed more beer and the clerk’s cell phone. They then rushed back out the door.

“We were blessed nobody was hurt,” Athey said. Athey says the clerk followed his training. He hopes this crowd doesn’t try to swarm another store.

“You can’t allow this to happen, because it’s going to break out into violence. Some cashier is going to decide that he’s got to defend the property, and he’ll get hurt,” he said.

Metro says this crime is being investigated as a burglary and grand larceny. Investigators are taking a close look at the surveillance video. Some customers may have also recorded the thieves’ license plate numbers.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers.


John S. writes:

Your suspicions were correct. Here is the video of the news broadcast on which the story is based.

LA replies:

Yes, you’re right, it’s exactly as I guessed. The store invaders represent the broad strata of American society, and therefore no generalization can made about them. Some are male, some are female. Some are young, some are very young. Some wear baseball caps, some are bareheaded. Some wear T-shirts, some wear sweat shirts. Some wear jeans, some wear sweat pants. It’s a remarkably diverse group, showing the wonderful diversity of America.

LA writes:

I initially thought that the news article did not include the video. That was not correct. My computer failed to display the video box that appears with the news article.

What we have here, then, is the standard media practice, which I’ve pointed to dozens of times, of showing images of black perpetrators, but never stating that the perpetrators are black. The media’s behavior sets the example for the audience. The populace is trained never to say that groups of black criminals attacking white people’s persons or (as in this case) seizing white people’s property are groups of black criminals. They know from the evidence of their eyes that the criminals attacking the whites are black, but they also know that they’re not supposed to say it. And what people learn not to say, they also learn not to think. White Americans are thus formed, by the media’s coverage of organized black-on-white crime, into silent, passive, unthinking Eloi ready for destruction, just as they are by the government’s security measures in the nation’s airports.

Of course, my observations do not apply to all white Americans, as anyone knows who peruses the ever-more racially frank readers’ comments that are posted at mainstream news sites following articles about black-on-white violence. But my point does apply to vast numbers of whites, I would guess the majority of them.

. Mark A. writes:

American black hoodlums somehow instinctively know that they are in power. They know the adults (i.e. whites) are no longer in charge of this country. Significantly, this “flash mob” phenomenon began after Obama got elected and appears to be happening all over the country: Chicago, Philadelphia, New York … now Las Vegas. Lord knows how many other places. While I doubt one in a hundred of these thugs know who Eric Holder is, somehow they know that his ilk are in charge.

Reading this article made me think that the ingenious (albeit evil) move of the left following the 1992 Los Angeles riots which was to call for an LAPD that “better represented the community.” The LAPD used to hire many former marines from Camp Pendleton and was well known for its ruthless, but effective, police methods. Following the 1992 riots, I noticed that police departments all over the country starting changing rapidly: increasing female, increasingly black, increasingly short, and increasingly fat. In the large-crime city in which I reside, I’m not sure that I can find 1 cop in 20 that could physically catch a mugger, let alone fit into a pair of pants less than 46 inches wide.

I fear where we as a nation are going to go from here.

Richard W. writes:

I think the black flash mobs are getting organized a lot faster than those of us seeking restoration of order via traditionalism.

Not sure what the next step for us is, as millions of blacks obviously feel utter contempt for every norm of our civilization, and in the current conditions it is hard to do anything about it. Had the clerk objected he would undoubtedly ended up beaten or killed. Had he pulled out a gun and shot a few of them he’d be the one going to jail. To them it’s a big joke. And why shouldn’t it be.

And, now that this secret is out of the bag expect a lot more of it.

It’s going to be a very long summer.

Forta Leza writes:

In black areas, it’s common for stores to be set up like an old fashioned general store. i.e. customers do not have direct access to the merchandise. You tell the cashier what you want and he goes and gets it himself off the shelf. Of course large chain stores cannot do this since they don’t want to be accused of racism. So instead they just don’t operate in black areas. In a way, we have blacks to think for keeping the traditional mom n pop store alive.

Irv P. writes:

Richard W. wrote “to them it’s a big joke…. and why shouldn’t it be”?

To me, that should be the main lesson for the public when faced with these kinds of occurrences. When confronted by any authority figure, e.g., teacher, police officer, parent, their response is invariably, “We were only playing.” And they’ve been allowed to get away with this! Over and over. We refuse to show LEADERSHIP of our civilization. Uncivilized behavior is tolerated until it gets to serious violence. We don’t discipline “pranks.” After all, they’re just kids and “they were only playing.”

Facing the fact that what you see on the news video from Nevada (and many, many other places) is a SERIOUS national issue is what a mature, confident society would do. However, no one in public life would touch this with a ten foot pole. Until we have the type of candidates who will face the importance of this type of thing, and shine a bright light on it, we will continue to have these low pants termites eating away at our foundations.

The do-gooders have really gotten us into big trouble.

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