At a historic moment, the empty response of an empty man

Conservatives and Republicans such as Richard Viguerie and Michele Bachmann are arguing that the Supreme Court’s approval of Obamacare gives us all the stronger reason to support Romney, so that he will repeal it. Similarly, at VFR, Clark Coleman said that the decision is fortunate, as it will give Romney a compelling issue other than the economy on which to campaign. I replied:

Your argument assumes (a) that Romney will campaign seriously against Obamacare, and (b) that Romney is serious about overturning Obamacare. I don’t agree with either proposition. His statement today was pathetic. The main point he made against Obamacare is that it will increase taxes. He doesn’t oppose it as an act of tyranny. Romney is a hollow man, a stuffed man.

To which Daniel W. replied in part:

I agree completely. Maybe I’m just young and naive, but I waited with genuine anticipation to watch Romney speak. I thought that the Court’s decision—an act of actual tyranny—would awaken some better part of the man and inspire him to say something powerful that would make me proud to believe what I believe and motivate me (and people like me) to take action against this nightmare. Isn’t that what leaders are supposed to do?

But instead I got nothing. I felt nothing. No one did, I’m sure. You’re right, the man is hollow. But are the people? Will actual leaders emerge?

Posted by Lawrence Auster at June 28, 2012 09:22 PM | Send

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