The problem of black loudness, cont.

In response to the entry, “A sensible argument for segregated schools,” Paul Henri writes:

On the flight back from Baltimore today, I sat a few rows in front of the loudest group of people (four or five) that I have ever endured on a plane. They were black men screaming at each other in delight for 2 1/2 hours. A white man one row ahead of me turned around and said, “Okay, that is enough.” But they were too loud. I slept the last hour, but earlier was tempted to confront a steward based on principle. As we stood to “deplane,” a husky black man in his twenties or thirties who was sitting a couple of seats to my left shook his head in disgust as he looked back and remarked about how awful it was. I agreed with him.

In a row to my left rear, a sweet young black woman with a deaf black husband in an aisle seat (as I am always in), responded to my solicitation that I make room for her husband to stand. She said he could not hear me but could read my lips. There was no room for him to stand, but I would have tried to make room.

This is why you are justified in proposing a white majority civilization. The civilized blacks do not have the numbers (or maybe the culture) to control the uncivilized ones.

LA replies:

That’s unacceptable. Did no one complain to the flight attendants?

Also, from your story, it seems that whites also lack the culture to control the uncivilized blacks.

- end of initial entry -

Daniel W. writes:

You wrote:

“Also, from your story, it seems that whites also lack the culture to control the uncivilized blacks.”

I don’t think it’s a case of white culture being deficient; they (we, I suppose) absolutely know how to control black misbehavior. We imprison, what, a third of them? But screaming on a plane isn’t a punishable offense, at least not in the way that stealing is.

These unruly blacks cannot be “controlled” because the only form of control that our culture has discovered to be generally effective—physical removal from society—is too harsh for offenses in which the black fellows didn’t do anything criminally wrong. They committed a social offense for which the appropriate punishments, shunning or shaming, carry no weight. They don’t want any part of the white society that would penalize them in that way. It’s like punishing a child by taking away his broccoli.

Perhaps a group of older blacks could shame them into silence, but since most blacks don’t disapprove of being really, really loud at all times, it’s unlikely that they’d even try.

Karl D. writes:

Something I have noticed about blacks (being around them for a large part of my life) and their extreme loudness in public places is that there is a degree of entertainment to it. And when I say entertainment I mean in the minds of the loud blacks. It is a very childlike attitude. It is almost as if they are on stage vying for the support of the audience or mom and dad’s attention. They know they are being loud and that everyone can hear them, and that is almost the point. They try to one-up each other and get the audience on their side. To most blacks, listening to or being involved in this public show is a normal event. But to whites it is alien. And if whites do smile or laugh along it is usually out of fear more than anything else. Just look at black behavior in black churches. It is not the pastor merely giving a sermon while the parishioners listen and mull over his message in silent contemplation. It is loud, raucous and involves many people shouting, singing, speaking in tongues and passing out. In short, it is a show. One could say the Catholics are very theatrical in their own right. But it is always more sedate and contemplative.

Buck writes:

Karl D. explains precisely what I see going on. I frequent a local cigar lounge. There are about twenty regulars, of whom only one is black. He is very quiet and meek. There is another popular lounge further away that is much larger and grander. It is always packed on game days. It’s frequented by former college and pro athletes. They are all huge black men with the loudest voices on the planet. It’s unbearable to me, but it seems to be perfectly normal and enjoyable to them. Loud leads to louder. They feed off each other. I can’t stand it and I have to leave. There are few whites in the mix, and they mostly sit around the perimeter or in the front of the shop. I’m sure that it’s not always that loud, but the few times that I visited were enough for me.

It’s the same with many black youngsters on the street. They speak loudly and act out with overly dramatic and exaggerated gestures on the sidewalk, to gain the attention of passing drivers. I’ve seen it a thousand times. It always makes me look away, I assume, the opposite of what they want. Either way, they make me react. Just like the loud mouths in the cigar lounge make me withdraw.

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