UKIP candidate speaks out

Paul Weston is an Englishman who is very outspoken on the Islam threat. A while ago he wrote an article for Gates of Vienna in which he predicted a war between Islam and the West within twenty years. He is currently a parliamentary candidate in the City of London (London’s financial district) for the United Kingdom Independence Party. The UKIP is of course anti-European Union, but recently, I’ve heard, has expanded its platform and adopted a full-fledged conservative agenda. Mr. Weston was interviewed this week at the website

Also, here are entries at VFR where he has posted comments.

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D. in Seattle writes:

I read the interview with Paul Weston and towards the end he says “Nick Griffin is a Holocaust-denying Nazi lunatic … ” Since you have written rather favorably about Griffin in the past, I was curious if you have an opinion about this statement.

LA replies:

Obviously I don’t agree with Paul Weston on this. Either he is not aware of how profoundly and extensively Griffin has altered his positions and the character of the BNP, or he’s not persuaded that the change is real.

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