The nation without qualities

Proving my point earlier today that Tony Blair in his speech on multiculturalism was not rejecting multiculturalism but affirming it, Blair immediately followed up the speech with a pandering interview with Anila Baig, a female Muslim reporter for the Sun (and she’s cute, too, see the photo of her standing, very pleased with herself and the whole situation, next to the PM, though an English-language Arab website describes her as the first veiled Muslim woman to work as a columnist for a British newspaper). Blair told the smiling Baig that he had no problem with a Muslim being prime minister someday, and that he would not mind if any of his children married a Muslim. Mentioning that his family intended to go to church on Christmas Eve, he added, “We can worship God in our own way. It’s what being British means. And neither racists nor extremists should be allowed to destroy it.”

Thus Blair, famous for his Christian faith, is so indifferent to Christianity that he doesn’t mind if his grandchildren are Muslims. And what “being British” means to this prime minister of Great Britain is that one doesn’t believe in anything in particular, one simply believes that all people (or rather all peoples) in Britain are free to believe whatever they want, so long as they don’t believe in terrorism and intolerance. And that is indeed multiculturalism. It is liberal equality as applied to peoples, cultures and religions. All peoples are equal, all cultures are equal, and all religions are equal, and they’re all equally welcome in Britain. But Britain itself has no people of its own, no culture of its own, and no religion of its own. The unique historic nation of Britain has been transformed into a hollow container.

And Blair somehow expects that this nation without qualities will have the collective will to maintain its bare liberal structure against the non-liberal alien masses it has welcomed within itself.

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Vincent writes:

I believe that you know I am deeply committed to the ideas expressed on your website.

I believe that you know that we share a common perspective about the future of this country and Europe if Muslim and Mexican immigration is not halted.

Finally, I believe that, although we take a different approach to the path that leads to God, we recognize that, as Christians, the Christian God is worth fighting for. But….

You and I will have to discuss the qualities that comprise pulchritude, for to call Anila Baig “cute” is beyond my ken.

Now for your penance say….

Paul Henri writes from New Orleans:

I am afraid I must join Vincent in not being enamored with Ms. Baig’s physical appearance. I am enamored with your article though. You articulate Blair’s intellectual confusion. Essentially, Blair believes people (known as Muslims) committed to the degredation of Jews and Christians, for example, are acceptable as countrymen. Yet his primary ally, President Bush, purports that he will destroy the ability of the chief Muslim country (Iran) to carry out those commitments.

Blair fuses the differences among Judeo-Christians with the differences between Judeo-Christians and Muslims. He fails to see his idea of intolerance is Islamic, not Christian. Christians believe everyone is equal before God, while Muslims believe non-Muslims are inferiors worthy of either dhimmitude or death. Blair, like a Muslim, is intolerant of anyone intolerant of Muslim domination.

So what to do? Tune out the dominant media, turn on to transcendent truth, and tune in to websites such as VFR (which provides links).

LA replies:

Is Paul saying I have a beautiful mind?
Jeff in England writes:

Good crisp writing and I totally agree with what you said. Again I am always amazed when these people don’t see any of the (ironic) consequences of their remarks. You would think they would. Just as you would think Chamberlain would have seen through Hitler and various leftists thru Stalin. Or the neocons when they praised the coming of Islamic “democracy” even though it meant groups like Hamas ruling.

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