Would God be more popular in earth tones?

Mark K. writes:

I’ve been mulling over what it would take to make God acceptable to our liberal-dominated society. Just as Naomi Wolf gave Al Gore a makeover, perhaps God would accept the same. Here are some changes I recommend:

1. First, he has to stop taking credit for creating the universe. While he may have done that, what prevents him from adopting a Darwinian ideology? Ok, Darwinism is a myth, but it’s the one everyone who counts believes in today. Can’t he just go along with it and join the program? He created in the past—but now he must, as Obama said this week, build a bridge to the future—where people want to be in their beliefs and concepts.

2. Second, ok, so he started off with male and female. That’s a starting point but we have gone gayly androgynous. Why stay stuck in the past? He needs to get with the cultural program and evolve. Granted, he created two sexes, but we have now evolved into multiple roles.

3. Third, yes, some races show higher levels of intelligence than others, but can’t God become more of a universalist, beyond the universalism he is currently displaying? Is his universalism really universal? In fact, we have defined a more extensive and inclusive universalism than what he originally had in mind, and he needs to get with the program.

So I think there is room for a definite improvement on God’s part. Why would he not want to be more in the swim of things? What does he have to lose? We’re fast rebuilding the spiritual, psychological, and intellectual cosmos from all sorts of myths that reflect our desires. It’s a new universe and God can be a part of it, with a little bit of effort on his part to adapt.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at February 02, 2008 10:50 AM | Send

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