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Since there are so many entries today on the mayhem stories, for simplicity’s sake I am posting most of the comments in this entry.

Paul K. (not Paul Kersey of SBPDL) writes:

I believe many people thought that the election of Obama would help lessen such incidents of animalistic black behavior, by filling blacks with pride and a sense of social acceptance. That may sound silly, as liberals never even speak of black misbehavior, but they must recognize it and wish it would stop.

As the first black president, Obama is in a unique position to address the disgraceful behavior of blacks in these increasingly frequent incidents. He could “name them and shame them,” as he threatened to do to corporate malefactors. He could even say that the perpetrators were “acting stupidly.” It would be a real contribution to a “national conversation about race” that elite blacks are always pressing for. This would earn him a tremendous amount of credit, not only from whites, but from that decent part of the black community that must be appalled by such incidents. Of course, I know that he would never do this.

Obama has never spoken a bold truth. Last week, under the headline “Barack Obama’s speech failed to live up to his own high standards,” the London Telegraph chided the president for his lackluster speech before Parliament. Though describing the president as “a brilliant speaker,” it said the speech “sounded as if it had been worked on so hard and conscientiously by a vast team of helpers that it had lost all savour, and been reduced to a series of orotund banalities.” I think the term “orotund banalities” applies to everything that comes out of this president’s mouth.

Buck O. writes:

My parents moved to Myrtle Beach twenty years ago. They soon learned to take a vacation away from their own beach home just after bike week, which is now referred to white bike week. When the white bikers left it was my parents’ signal to leave ahead of black bike week. They departed to a hotel inland. This was a financial burden to my retired parents, but, they could not stay. Public sex and naked asses on display by the thousands. They sleep in the parking lots where they party. Little money is spent to offset the added police presence. Myrtle Beach passed a helmet law, just in Myrtle Beach, hoping that that might cause them to go elsewhere. No luck. My mom, who’s now stuck home alone, and now stays home while they’re there, says: “They act like animals. It’s disgusting.”

LA replies:

How about playing Mozart everywhere in Myrtle Beach for the entire weekend? That removes black troublemakers from an area faster than tons of law enforcement.

Rick Darby writes:

Did you read the comments following the WMBF article? This one wins the week’s White Submission Prize:

Black Bike week is an insult to all decent people. I am NOT talking about this report, for I cannot blame an entire group for what appears to be 4 isolated instances out of tens of thousands; this is anecdotal. I will however blame the “Black Bikers” for the disgrace for continuing to have this event during one of the biggest holiday weekend, effectively contributing to what has been difficult times for the entire Myrtle Beach Economy. Participants of black biker week are young, and thus do not spend much money during their visits (other than perhaps gas). Have the event two weeks before or one week after Memorial day, I have no problem with it….

If the NAACP has a problem, simply reply … we have financial problems, you have a year till the next event, which we will happy to host the weekend after Memorial Day. The Economy in MB has been crashing, home values have crashed. Give memorial day weekend back to families and there will be some restoration of values lost.

If the black bikers didn’t raise hell on Memorial Day weekend (“4 isolated instances out of thousands, anecdotal”), why is it a “disgrace”? If they did disturb the peace, what would be different on another weekend? If the “young” black bikers leave restaurants without paying the check, is that what is meant by “they do not spend much money during their visits”? If all is well with Black Bike Week, why should it scare off families at a cost to the local economy? Were the two people admitted to the hospital with anecdotal wounds?

Groveling whites will do anything, excuse anything to avoid being accused of “racism.”

Jane S. writes:

I must respectfully disagree: I do not think that the animalistic behavior of blacks is based on their IQs. [LA replies: I’m not aware that anyone in the thread saying that the animalistic behavior is due to low IQ.]

Recently in passing I heard someone mention the “Empowerment Temple” in Baltimore, MD. I thought that sounded like a weird name for a church, so I checked it out online. It’s an amazingly sophisticated high-tech site. There is no Christian symbology, no images of Christ, no mention of Christ, no quotations from the Scriptures. Instead there’s the Rev. Jamal Bryant who tells viewers, “God is not just in church, he is also in technology.”

There was a time when black American Christians were people of strong faith. I have a feeling that has changed, a lot. Now instead of seeking God through Christ, they are seeking God through technology.

I would expect that to produce a change in black people’s behavior, and not for the better.

So that’s my contribution to the discussion. The black community is out of control, not because they have gotten dumber, I’m quite sure they haven’t, but because they have lost faith in Christ.

Mark Jaws writes:

As my mother used to say during those hot summer nights when we kept our windows open and allowed the sounds of teeming, restless urban youth into our apartment, “The natives are getting restless.”

Karl D. writes:

I think we are going to see more and more of this especially in the Southern states as the great black migration is now in reverse. Something which has been documented. And now that those same Southern states are filling up with Mexicans and other Hispanics it is going to be one giant powder keg. Whites are in a no win situation as the invading armies stake out their turf.

In the past it was pretty easy for working class whites to stay out of harm’s way by avoiding certain sections of town. Not any more. Now it seems almost everywhere that the working class goes is suspect. Movie theaters, fast food joints, public beaches, water-parks, etc. When blacks or Hispanics come in large numbers they own it and they know it. When I lived in Manhattan’s Upper East Side I knew to avoid Central Park and the surrounding area during the Puerto Rican Day parade. Shops on Madison Avenue would close down and some would board their store fronts up. There would be mayhem and public urination on historic buildings and garbage past your ankles. I wont even get into the sights, sounds and smells. It was all but said that this is THEIR day and the rest of us just had to take it, stay indoors or leave.

That being said, last year I caught the tail end of the Sturgis rally in South Dakota which attracts thousands of white bikers from across the country. Was it rowdy? Yes. Was it low rent? Yes. Drunken brawls? You bet. But no more then you would expect in a 19th century mining camp on payday. There was no wilding or gang wars, nor was any expected. Keep in mind that some of the nation’s biggest biker gangs who have major beefs with each other attend the rally. And they even managed not to kill each other. The only place where working class whites can go and feel free from any danger is national parks or the mountains. Blacks for some reason have no interest in non-beach spaces where there is an abundance of wildlife and an absence or modern amenities.

Paul K. writes:

Matt Drudge has a habit of slipping across sly, subliminal messages in the way he places news items on his page. For example, at today’s Drudge, above the title, there are a dozen links to articles about black rampages across the country, while immediately below the headline, on the left (the most prominent position), is a link to an article titled “Obama cracks down on civil rights abuses by big-city police departments.”

Thus while blacks are committing mayhem nationwide, unchecked, the Obama administration’s focus is on the rights of those black criminals, “aggressively investigating several big urban police departments for systematic civil rights abuses such as harassment of racial minorities, false arrests, and excessive use of force.” (The article, at Salon, heartily endorses this development.)

If a cop can’t bust a few heads during a riot without facing civil rights charges, we can look forward to the rapid deterioration of law and order in this country.

LA replies:

I think your last sentence is several decades late.

Greg W. writes:

You probably mentioned it and I missed it, but I love the euphemism the media has for blacks, especially in light of the black violence over the weekend. Urban. “Urban” kids not doing as well in school. “Urban” kids commit more crime. We need more programs to keep “urban” kids off the streets. No one would disagree with this fact, but would scream at the top of their lungs if you mentioned switching “urban” with “black”. Who the hell do they think these “urban” kids are?

LA replies:

You can call them urban kids if you want. I call them inordinately kinetic youth of undetermined racial provenance.

Karl D. writes:

Greg W. wrote:

“You probably mentioned it and I missed it, but I love the euphemism the media has for blacks, especially in light of the black violence over the weekend. Urban.”

Give it time. Soon the euphemism “Urban” will become the new N word. Fifty years from now it will be embraced by blacks as their word and deemed unfit for whites, polite conversation and the media as well. A new word will have to be found again only to go the same way. Rinse and repeat.

Zimri writes:
For some reason, nothing much was reported from the “Bolder Boulder” event in Colorado. Boulder is home to a huge state university, hosting myriads of young people. Admittedly most of these kids have gone home for vacation, but this is a state university. You can believe a lot of the students and recent grads came back for this. There were over 20,000 people just in the run.

I mean, if it’s “youths” causing all the damage, how come Boulder isn’t a smouldering crater by now?

June 1

Malcolm Pollack writes:

The stories of black-mob mayhem you’ve been covering are just appalling. The demographic and cultural nightmare taking place both here and in Europe is getting so intolerably bad for the host societies that it may soon be bringing matters “to a head”—and if history is any guide (which of course it is), there is going to be a convulsive spasm of disaggregation. It will not be pretty.

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