The epitome of American womanhood

The other day a commenter said that I was ungentlemanly for talking about Michelle Obama’s disconcertingly mannish, even scary, physique and the clothing she wears with which she seems deliberately to emphasize it.

Ok, I’ve learned my lesson. I won’t say another word.



Phillp M. from England, the commenter who chided me over my previous remarks about Michelle, writes:

Maybe it was dress-down Friday at the White House?

Come on Michelle, I’m trying to defend you. At least meet me half way!

LA writes:

Sorry, I can’t resist. You know who she reminds me of in this photo? Gerard Butler in 300.

A female reader writes:

Not fair, there are many pictures of her looking very nice, but this was a mistake, to look like that when descending from Air Force One.

LA replies:

She regularly appears in public looking like this. This is one of her looks. Furthermore, it conveys a definite message, namely contempt for the United States.

Kidist Paulos Asrat (here’s her blog) writes from Canada:

Michelle dresses as she pleases, is often arrogant about her choices which are frequently disastrous. Lack of style doesn’t explain all of it. She doesn’t behave like a true First Lady.

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