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(UPDATE, November 11, 10:30: Peter Brimelow posts at 8:42 this evening that Nicholas Stix has called him. So he is ok, he just hadn’t bothered to tell his friends and associates. Does VFR have some odd ability to get missing people to come forth? When I posted two days ago about the blogger Vanishing American who had been missing for three months, within one day she at last contacted one of her readers and told him that she was ok, and that she had disappeared because of “person issues.” When I posted this morning about Nicholas Stix who had been missing for two weeks, on the evening of the same day he called Brimelow to let him know he is all right.)

On November 6, David B. told me that Nicholas Stix, who lives with his family in Belle Harbor in the Rockaways, had not been heard from since the storm hit on October 29. I tried to find Stix’s phone number though online “white pages” and failed. David had Stix’s number, I called it and got a message, “We’re sorry, all circuits are busy now.” I then found the number of the nearest police precinct, but got the same message.

I wrote to David:

“We must simply assume that Stix and his family evacuated and are now living elsewhere, as is the case with thousands of people. Thousands of homes have been destroyed and people will have to build new homes.”

However, it is now November 11 and still no one has heard from Stix. I just tried his number and the precinct number and got the same “All circuits are busy now” message.

I don’t know what more we can do. Assuming that Stix is alive and residing elsewhere, one would also assume that he would have gotten to a computer and put up a note at his site telling his readers and colleagues that he was ok. But he hasn’t, which (unless he is doing a “Vanishing American”) raises the concern that something may have happened to him.

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James N. writes:

Hope he’s OK.

Can you IMAGINE what stories would be running today about Sandy if Bush were President?

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