“Rapes of several elderly women terrifying residents in central Texas towns, no suspects”

James P. sends excerpts from the story, which comes from the Canadian Press:

Beginning with the rape of a 65-year-old woman in Yoakum last January, authorities have linked eight sexual assaults or attempted sexual assaults to the suspect, who has been dubbed the “Twilight Rapist” because most of the attacks occurred around dawn. They also believe he robbed or attempted to rob four other women.

The victims have all been women, ranging in age from 65 to 91. One rape victim played piano at her church on Sundays. An 81-year-old woman scared off an intruder with a gun, firing several rounds for good measure. A 66-year-old woman was attacked twice, despite having moved across town following the first assault.

The attacks occurred in seven rural towns, the largest of which has 6,000 residents….

Authorities say the attacks appear to have been planned—phone lines were cut and porch lights were unscrewed outside some of the victims’ homes. All the victims lived alone, and one had more than $10,000 stolen….

A year into the case there is still no sketch of the suspect, only a vague description of a thin, young and dark-skinned man who is between 5½-and 6-feet tall.

James P. writes:

In due course these deliberately planned attacks on elderly women will be described as “random.” If it just so happens that the attacker is non-white and all the victims white, well, that too is “random”!

LA replies:

The authorities and media are so PC they won’t even say whether the “dark-skinned” man is black or Hispanic. They really want to catch this guy, don’t they?

- end of initial entry -

David B. writes:

There have been several case of nonwhites “randomly” attacking elderly white women.

Last year saw the arrest of John Floyd Thomas in the serial murder of elderly white women in Los Angeles County. He is thought to be the biggest serial killer in Los Angeles history, which is saying something.

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