Proof of the First Law

Auster’s First Law of Majority-Minority Relations in Liberal society says that the more troublesome, hostile or dangerous a nonwhite or non-Western group becomes, the more lies we tell ourselves to cover up the negative facts about that group, in order to maintain the liberal belief that everyone is basically just like us.

Now consider the following:

  • In the 1980s, when Islamic fundamentalism had entered our consciousness as a result of the Iranian revolution, but when Islamic terrorists had not attacked us directly, the American media and government spoke without embarrassment about “Islamic terrorism” and “Islamic fundamentalism” as dangers or at least concerns.

  • After the attack on America of September 11, 2001, President Bush told us that Islam is a “religion of peace.” He said this in order to counteract the rational conclusion—based on both the 9/11 attack itself and the joy with which it was greeted in much of the Muslim world—that Islam is a religion of war. In any case, Bush felt the need to bring up the subject of Islam in the context of the 9/11 attack, if only to deny that Islam had anything to do with the attack.

  • After the Fort Hood massacre, in which a Muslim major in the U.S. Army, a man whose jihadist, anti-American, and pro-terror beliefs were well known to the Army, committed a jihad-style mass murder of fellow U.S. Army personnel, yelling “Allah is great” as he fired his weapon, the Defense Department issued an 86 page report on the attack in which the words Islam, Muslim, and jihad did not appear, and even the Muslim-style name of the murderer, Nidal Hasan, was not mentioned.

From which we may conclude:

The more dangerous Islam is, the bigger the lies liberal society tells to defend Islam.

In liberal society, the more in-our-face and lethal Islam gets, the more the government seeks to erase it from our consciousness.

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January 26

Carl Simpson writes:

You remarked:

“In liberal society, the more in-our-face and lethal Islam gets, the more the government seeks to erase it from our consciousness.”

This desire of liberal society to erase it (the truth about Islam) from our consciousness is of course the whole reason for the ongoing prosecution of Geert Wilders under Orwellian “incitement” statutes. It all ties in.

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