Charles Johnson expanding his attack on Islam critics

K. writes:

I’m sure you’re bored rigid by now over the antics at LGF and its recalibration to the left but I’m concerned with the way LGF is targeting major figures in the anti-jihad movement: Fjordman, the Gates of Vienna blogsite, Bat Ye’or (whose Eurabia theory has been trashed), Diana West, and, I believe, soon to be, Robert Spencer. I’ve heard that Spencer and Johnson are or used to be friends.

Spencer is crucial to the anti-jihad movement and has been instrumental in making Islam’s doctrines widely known on the Internet. In his precise, unemotional and scholarly fashion, he is far more of a responsible symbol than LGF could ever hope to be.

Given the present state of mind at LGF, I can see how a charge can be fabricated against Spencer that he is seeking to act as an apologist for the home-grown neo-fascists of Europe, especially since he was at the Counter-Jihad Conference as a prominent speaker. Spencer also sought to calm the LGF-created brouhaha by one mention of it on his site. You would hardly credit the degree of vitriol against Europeans at LGF; if I were a leftie, I should be shrieking “RACIST” at nearly every other Lizard. LGF may also hold that Spencer’s view is too fatalistic, too negative and therefore an impediment to inter-faith dialogue (which is being hugely pushed with the Common Word letter from the Moslems). I have started to see quite a few pro-moderate Moslem comments, yesterday Charles declared himself left-wing. Also, early on in this Counterjihad controversy, one of the main Lizards involved in the attack, Truumax, asked Charles on a thread if he didn’t think that those who had participated in the Counterjihad Conference, such as Robert Spencer, whom he deliberately named, were “patsies” to have so participated, and Johnson had answered “yes.”

LA replies:

It sounds as thought Johnson is joining the Ralph Peters School of Anti-Islam-Criticism which says that Islam critics such as Spencer and Bat Ye’or are Nazi-like.

I’ve asked Katherine to send me the link and the text where Johnson calls himself left-wing, and where LGF attacked Diana West.

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