VFR’s author exposed (once again) as a hippie

LA to Paul Nachman

Remember the sandals I bought at the Target in Duluth in 2004 for our canoe trip in the Boundary Waters area? After that trip, I put them away in a closet and didn’t wear them for years. Then when I went to the Dominican Republic this past May I dug them out and wore them the whole time there. Then this summer when the heat got bad, I realized that none of my shoes were comfortable for the hot weather, and so I’ve been wearing the sandals as my main footwear every day.

It’s funny that after the sandals were in a closet and not worn for seven years, I’m now wearing them all the time.

Paul Nachman replies:

You have to accept that you’re fundamentally a hippie.

LA replies:

But I never wore sandals in my life prior to our canoe trip! And after that, I never wore the sandals again until eight years later! Can a man who only starts wearing sandals regularly in his sixties be fundamentally a hippie?

Paul Nachman replies:

Your core hippie-ness has finally emerged, after you’d suppressed it for so long. Probably you’ll be renouncing everything at VFR. Very sad.

You can search the web for the best deal on incense.

—end of initial entry—

Laura Wood writes:

You’ve come out of the closet.

LA replies:

Well, remember this:


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