Obama’s next planned steps to homosexualize America

Kathlene M. writes:

Our illustrious alien-in-chief was recently interviewed by gay webzine The Advocate about his views on the homosexualization of the military and eventually America, and it behooves all Americans to read what he sees as the future if he is re-elected. Obama, his phalanx of lawyers, and the well-financed homosexual lobby are already starting to twist some Republican arms into submission:

“The president also signaled that he and his lawyers are reviewing “a range of options” when it comes to the administration’s responsibility to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in the courts, especially since repealing it over the next two years will be a nonstarter with a Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

“I have a whole bunch of really smart lawyers who are looking at a whole range of options. My preference wherever possible is to get things done legislatively,” Obama said, drawing a comparison with repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

“That may not be possible in DOMA’s case,” he added. “That’s something that I think we have to strategize on over the next several months.”

Question from The Advocate: Big-picture question about LGBT people and where the movement is headed. You’re sitting in the midst of a time that’s of great change. You’re not quite willing to go there on same-sex marriage yet. What do you see as something that moving forward would be one of the biggest possible advancements for LGBT people … Potentially in the course of your presidency in the next two years?

Answer from President Obama: Well, look, I would distinguish between things that should get done and I fully support but may still be stalled with a Republican-controlled Congress—or Republican-controlled House of Representatives that’s not inclined to go there, versus things that can happen in society at large.

I have been struck—let me take the former—repealing DOMA, getting [the Employment Non-Discrimination Act] done, those are things that should be done. I think those are natural next steps legislatively. I’ll be frank with you, I think that’s not going to get done in two years. I think that’s—we’re on a three- or four-year time unless there’s a real transformation of attitudes within the Republican caucus. ” [Translation: We’ll work with GOProud to liberalize any conservative opposition to our agenda.]

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