Who is camped out in the Capitol? And who brought them there?

Kathlene M. writes:

Take a close look at the photo accompanying the New York Times article you cited. The majority of the protesters hanging over the balcony look like young college students:


But now take a close look at their signs:

“Baltimore is here with you”

“Solidarity from Texas”

“Michigan Supports WI Workers”

What are protesters from other states doing here? This corroborates what we’ve been hearing: union-supporting protesters are being bussed in from everywhere. Furthermore the Times adds this toward the end of the article:

As protests continued here, dozens of “solidarity events” in support of Wisconsin union members were being planned across the country over the next several days, including rallies on Monday in Las Vegas; Helena, Mont.; Carson City, Nev.; and Raleigh, N.C.

I think these national “Intimidation Rallies” are going to backfire on the Democratic Party, the unions, and possibly even the mainstream media. Taxpayers are getting tapped out and fed up. Here in California, taxpayers agreed to two-year state tax increases two years ago but California is still in the hole. Now the legislature and Governor Brown want to extend those tax increases another five years without cutting the outrageous pension obligations that are bankrupting California. On top of that, taxpayers in my school district recently agreed to a parcel tax increase to support the schools, but public education continues to get worse. A taxpayer revolt is on the horizon.

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