Twelve-year-old girl murdered by two unarmed black teens in New Jersey town

At The Big Lie on Parade Cicero writes:

Twelve Year Old Girl Murdered for Her Bike

A twelve year old New Jersey girl named Autumn Pasquale was murdered and stuffed in a dumpster by two teenaged black boys who stole her BMX bike….

The two brothers have been named and their photos released [see linked Daily Mail story]. They are Dante and Justin Jackson. The boys invited the girl over to their house under the guise of trading bicycle parts and proceeded to beat and strangle her to death.

Autumn Pasquale

A more recent and less innocent-looking photo of Autumn Pasquale.
Here she looks like a girl who might hang out with black thugs.

Dante%20Robinson.jpg Justin%20Robinson.jpg
Dante and Justin Robinson

LA writes:

I don’t agree with all the news reports that she was murdered for her bike. She was murdered for her whiteness.

Her parents, her society, did not warn her not to go off alone with thuggish-looking black males. To give her such advice would have been immoral. It would have been a violation of the all-American belief that blacks are just like whites and that to have a critical or cautious view of blacks is the most evil thing there is. Instead, according to liberalism, it was the most moral and all-American thing to raise Autumn Pasquale in such a way that she naively and defenselessly put herself in a situation where she was murdered by blacks.

That’s why, from the liberal point of view, this murder, and every black-on-white murder, is not a racial crime, but, in the correct sense of the word, a tragedy. The original meaning of tragedy is something bad that happens to good people. Well, Autumn Pasquale, her parents, and the white community in Clayton, New Jersey were all doing good. They were integrating, and encouraging their young people to integrate, with blacks—without exercising any caution in the matter.

And this is why white America will never allow itself to see the black-on-white violence that is continually going on before its eyes. To see it would lead to the evil conclusion that racial integration was and is a mistake.

Let us also note that Autumn was strangled to death by an unarmed 17-year-old and an unarmed 15-year-old. Yet U.S. public opinion says that since George Zimmerman claims he shot an unarmed 17-year-old black in self-defense, and since an unarmed 17-year-old black cannot possibly be dangerous, Zimmerman must be lying.

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Terry Morris writes:

Anyone who says a seventeen year old unarmed black can’t be dangerous is foolish beyond belief.

I have a sixteen year old daughter to whom I’ve taught certain self-defense techniques just in case she might need them one day, and she and a couple of our other children took karate classes to learn other defensive techniques.

Once in her karate class her instructor encouraged her to try one of the choke holds I had taught her on him so that he could show her how ineffective it was, and how easy to get out of. It did not end well for the instructor. He had misjudged her strength and her determination, and his own ability to break such a hold. He was put to sleep for a few seconds as, according to the other children who witnessed the incident, everything he tried (mainly inflicting pain on my daughter) to get himself loose merely served to fuel my daughter’s determination to cause him to “tap out.” But he didn’t tap out, hence he took a short nap.

It’s a funny story, and we laugh about it when the subject comes up, but the point is that if my sixteen year old daughter, who is very good natured and wouldn’t want to hurt a fly, is strong enough and determined enough to do that to a Black Belt in Karate trained to defend himself against such attacks, how much more dangerous is a mad-at-the-white-world seventeen year old, unarmed black male?

Again, anyone who says that unarmed young black males can’t be dangerous if unarmed is, well, an idiot.

Bruce B. writes:

As my children get older, these stories start to have more of an impact on my thinking. My oldest son is 11 (almost 12) years old and looks a lot like Autumn with her blonde hair, green eyes, and freckles.

We are seriously considering moving to a part of the country where there aren’t many “youths.” We have family in the Dakotas and are considering going there.

October 25

Ben S. writes:

Being a New Jerseyan myself, I found myself contemplating what I would do if this crime had happened in my town. I note that the mother of the two perpetrators did the right thing in turning them in, but I would still be mad at her. I would be mad at her for failing to raise her boys adequately, and thus putting the community in danger. I would even be mad at her for bringing low-IQ black boys into the town at all, no matter how she raised them. Consider that she still has an 18-year-old son remaining free. I would be strongly inclined to tell her that given the violence demonstrated by his immediate and racial family, her remaining son is an unacceptable threat to community safety, and that I for one no longer consider him welcome. Would I be wrong to do this?

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