The threat to former Muslims living in the rapidly Islamizing West

A new organization has been formed to represent—and, literally, to defend the lives of—former Muslims. At a panel this week in Washington, three spokesmen of the group, including the formidable Wafa Sultan (whom I heard speak a couple of months ago) and Nonie Darwish, said that if the West does not identify and oppose the Islamic command to kill apostate Muslims, the killing of apostate Muslims will inevitably begin to spread in the West.

Unfortunately, there is no sign that this new group calls on the West to stop the mass immigration of persons who follow the very religion which commands them to kill people who leave that religion. To try to restrict the reach of the murderous Islamic orthodoxy in the West, while allowing the free immigration of Muslims into the West, is like allowing a man to guzzle alcohol, while lecturing him not to get drunk. It’s like force-feeding a man 5,000 calories a day, and telling him not to gain weight.

Similarly, Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller this week announced the formation of new organization dedicated to saving America from jihad; yet, notwithstanding the organization’s 23 stated objectives, it is stone-cold silent about the continuing mass admission of jihad-believing Muslims into America.

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LA writes:

Be sure to see Wafa Sultan’s famous appearance on Arabic television a couple of years ago debating with a Muslim cleric. When the cleric says that Samuel Huntington originated the idea of a “clash of civilizations, Sultan jumps right back and points out that Muhammad began the clash of civilizations, by ordering the Muslims to make war against all people until they submit.

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