A happy surprise from Santorum

Though the monstrous and evil S.2611 is almost certain to be passed by the United States Senate today, here is one cheering note: Sen. Rick Santorum, Republican from Pennsylvania, is opposing the measure. The news comes from a commenter at the Hot Air blog:

Just received an email from Santorum stating, “Today, when the Senate votes on a final immigration reform bill, I cannot support it because it rewards illegal behavior, threatens our social-welfare system, devalues the legal-immigration process, turns illegal immigrants into permanent residents, and fails the test of history.”

This is as surprising as it is welcome, since Santorum is a Catholic foe of abortion, and such “conservatives”—following the insane dictum of the late pope that to prevent an illegal alien from coming into your country is as grave a sin against life as preventing a human child from coming into the world—tend to be open-borderites.

5-30-06: A reader has complained about my characterization of John Paul II’s position on immigration. Let me clarify that to my knowledge JPII never said, quote unquote, that “to restrict immigration is as bad a sin as to commit an abortion.” He did, however, on numerous occasions, including speeches he gave in the U.S. in the ’90s, including his book The Gospel of Life, group immigration control with abortion and other sins as parts of the Culture of Death. When he issued such lists, he did not distinguish between the relative badness of the sins constituting the Culture of Death; he just grouped them all together. As for whether the late pope’s position on immigration was insane, I refer the reader to this VFR article written in 2002 by Jim Kalb concerning John Paul’s statement requiring all countries on earth to keep their borders open to anyone who wants to come. Mr. Kalb’s article was also published at FrontPage Magazine.

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