Good Friday for Great Britain?

At this point in Holy Week which is now being observed, remembered, and relived by Christians around the world, Jesus was dead, but in three days he would rise again.

I have been saying lately that Britain is dead, but that I hope and believe that it will rise again.

Whether it will rise again we do not know. What we do know is that it is dead—not dead in the sense that it no longer exists as a functioning society, but dead in the sense of having lost the belief in itself as a society and the will to preserve its own existence.

The below comment, posted at the Times of London following an article on the paralysis of the London police in fighting crime, provides an index of how bad things have become:

A friend of mine was recently assaulted on the streets by a group of Pakistanis. He went to the police station to report it and was told it was a racial slur to describe the group as “Pakistanis” and he could be charged. The country is lost.

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From: Jeff in England

Because of mass immigration the nation you hope to rise again consists of many people different from all previous ethnic groups that made up the British/English (Anglos, Saxons, Normans, Celts, Vikings). In about fifty to one hundred years the people we will be describing as the English/British nation will be mostly descended from non-Anglo-Saxon- Norman-Celtic ethnic groups.

I’m always amazed when people say: “the British nation” as if the people who make it up don’t matter. Are Somalian young street thugs or Romanian street beggars or Pakistani female peasants in burqas in Britain gonna help Britain rise again. Doubt it! The comparison would be that when Jesus was crucified, another body replaced his in the tomb. There would obviously be no resurrection on the menu.

LA replies:

Your point goes to the fundamental and deepest problem. And it is why any resurrection of Britain must involve reverse immigration, as I have called for in America as well. Such a course of action sounds so impossible, so crazy, so out of the question to modern ears, that people just dismiss it. But what is the alternative to this “impossible” course of action? It is that Britain keeps moving further and further in its present direction toward Third-Worldom. So there’s no “neutral” ground here. Either Britain (and America) continues de-Westernizing and Africanizing and Islamizing itself, leading to the cultural, political, and racial extinction of its historic white population, or it stops and reverses course. Once we realize that the alternative to the “impossible” path of reverse immigration is certain extinction, the “impossible” path doesn’t seem so impossible after all.

What I’m saying should not be misunderstood. Just as with the current proposals to solve the illegal immigration problem, and just as with my ideas on how to deal with Muslim immigration, I’m not calling for some one-shot mass deportation. I’m calling for a reversal of the present direction. At present the non-Western percentage of the population is growing each year, the political power and aggresson of the immigrant-rights groups and their liberal white allies is growing each year, and their aim to destroy and replace the historic America is becoming more open each year. Meanwhile the historic majority is more and more demoralized each year, and increasingly sees itself moving toward a black hole. If we were to reverse this situation, with the non-Western percentage of the population gradually but steadily decreasing each year instead of increasing, it would transform everything. The majority instead of steadily losing power over its country and its destiny, would be gaining power. Instead of moving toward extinction, it would be moving toward renewal. Instead of living in despair, it would live in hope.

We cannot solve this vast problem in one fell swoop—and attempting to do so could spark a counter-reaction that could result in disaster. What we can do is solve the problem by gradual and steady and humane, yet nonetheless radical, measures.

Steven H. writes:

I agree that we can not reverse this situation in one fell swoop. Unfortunately we are moving so quickly in the opposite direction that by the time your average American realizes what is happening it will be too late. I say too late because the demographics of our nation will have been changed beyond repair and the laws of our nation will have been changed so dramatically that the only recourse of action to necessitate change would be so revolutionary that most Americans could not even contemplate such bold responses.

Political correctness is so ingrained into the American mind that we would not only have to defeat the Left but also the Neo-Cons of the so-called Right. In addition, we would have to depend upon a substantial amount of Americans that are willing to break the law and risk going to jail to bring these ideas to the public(see below). This dovetails with your comments regarding the “Pakistani” incident in Britain and that Britain is dead. If that is so, and I agree that it is so, then America is on life support.

Bill Bennett and his producers told three million people the other day that if a Moslem had all the right positions, they would not hesitate to vote for him for president. This is mainstream conservatism 2007. Rush Limbaugh and the rest are no better and a very significant amount of people still trust them as “true conservatives.”

The days of speaking freely about Islam could be coming to an end in this country. I also think that it is very likely that when the Middle East implodes that their will be a massive deluge of Moslem immigrants into this country. Both Parties are already preparing for this in my opinion. The Democrats and the media will push very hard for this action because they will, after all, become future Democrats. The Republicans, in their typical cowardly fashion will agree to this since it will be our “responsibility” to give sanctuary to our Mid East friends.

I will continue to do what I can to support my country but I do believe that we are so on the wrong track that we are close to becoming beyond repair. One major aspect separates us from the Brits and Euros, we are for the most part still a Christian nation.

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