How Jackson’s cardiologist administered CPR to the stricken star

In an earlier entry, Mark A. noted that Michael Jackson’s cardiologist, who was personally attending on him at the time of his fatal attack, is black, and wondered whether affirmative action was a factor in Jackson’s death.

At 10:55 tonight John Hagan wrote:

If you listen to the 911 call from Michael Jackson’s house, you can hear the caller telling the 911 operator that this black doctor is trying to administer CPR to Jackson on the bed! The 911 operator tells them to move Jackson to the firm surface of the floor. Any high school kid knows that CPR needs to be administered on a firm surface. Certainly a cardiologist should know this.

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Van Wijk writes:

I just heard the 911 call over the radio. A young man (whose relationship to Jackson is unclear) frantically tells the 911 operator that Jackson is unconscious on the bed, and that someone is doing chest compressions on him. The first thing the operator tells the young man is to move Jackson off the bed, since a hard surface is required for proper chest compression. So Jackson was being pushed into the springs of the mattress and compression could not be achieved. This is one of the things you learn in CPR.

A moment later, the young man tells the operator that Jackson’s private doctor (Conrad Murray) was the one doing the compressions. The operator immediately deferred to the doctor, and I remember thinking “Too bad for Jacko.” But he was probably already dead at that point.

From what I’ve been hearing, it’s overwhelmingly likely that Jackson’s death is drug-related. It’s well known that he was addicted to painkillers, and apparently he was receiving daily shots of Demerol (a powerful opioid), presumably from Murray. Murray fled the scene after the ambulance took Jackson away.

Mark A. writes:

My God! That is incredible!

I’m speechless. Unfortunately, just as I am sure that the Muslim must be separated from the Jew, I am sure that the black man must be separated from the white man. Woodrow Wilson told the black community almost 100 years ago that segregation was “doing them a favor.” Woodrow Wilson was wiser than most…

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