The ambassador-to-be needs a barber—and a personality transplant

The bizarre, Groucho Marx-sized, snow-white mustache covering the middle part of his face and drawing your attention involuntarily to it; the huge, uncut, uncouth mane of brown hair hanging over the upper part of his face; his features, and his eyes behind rimless metal glasses, so stark and expressionless, and so unchanging in their expressionlessness, that he looks autistic—that’s Under Secretary of State John Bolton, President Bush’s nominee for UN ambassador. I admire Bolton for the role he played at the UN in July 2001 in opposing a move toward the global elimination of the private ownership of small arms. I was in the press gallery of the General Assembly the day he gave his speech, and it was a breath of logic and truth in that leftist fishbowl. America’s anti-gun control stand, in which Bolton played an important role, led to a heroic U.S. victory over the globalists. But when I turned on the Senate hearings on Bolton’s UN nomination last week, he was, frankly, so strange and unpleasant looking that it was hard to keep watching. My first thought was, no wonder so many people can’t stand this guy. My second thought was, why is a man at this level of our government, a man who is up for our most important diplomatic post, so grossly unattentive to his grooming and appearance, so charmless that he makes your teeth hurt?

Since the sentence I’ve heard most often in my life is, “No one else has complained about that,” I’m gratified to report that Robin Givhan at the Washington Post has exactly the same thoughts about Bolton’s appearance and persona that I have.

Posted by Lawrence Auster at April 18, 2005 11:30 AM | Send

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