Investigation Discovery (ID) Channel program on the Knoxville Atrocity tomorrow night calls the victims “privileged”

David B. writes:

What you called the Knoxville Atrocity is being featured Thursday night on the Investigation Discovery Channel. The Christian/Newsom murders are the premiere episode for “Sins and Secrets.”

The premise from a preview I just saw is that the victims were “privileged from a wealthy neighborhood” and their murder “shook their wealthy community to its core.”

LA replies:

Oh, the media liberals are so evil. They will say anything to make the racial murder of whites seem deserved, because the whites were “racist” (as in the Connecticut mass murder last year) or “rich” or “privileged.”

David B. replies:
The victims and their parents were middle class people who worked hard for what they had. Channon Christian was a full-time student at the University of Tennessee while holding down a job. Chris Newsom was a trim carpenter for a construction company.

As you know, I attended 3 days of the Coleman trial and the sentencing hearings for Coleman and the ringleader. I spoke several times to Chris Newsom’s parents. They are normal down to earth people.

The show supposedly is partly about “how the racial tensions affected Knoxville.”

LA replies:

Yes, but from the liberal point of view, anyone who is better off than a lower class black, anyone who has a decent, normal life in any way, is “privileged” and thus implicitly guilty, and thus implicitly deserving of being raped, tortured, and murdered by blacks.

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February 17

FL writes:

Any time you hear the word “privileged,” pack your bags because you’re about to go on a guilt trip.

The fact is that my parents and grandparents worked very hard to give me certain advantages in life, just as I do the same for my children. This is not something to be ashamed of. I’m proud to be privileged.

I wish more people had the attitude that it’s normal and natural and desirable to sacrifice for the benefit of one’s children. To privilege them.

LA replies:

Of course. That’s the evil of the word “privileged.” It takes the things in life that are the good things, the very things people strive for, for themselves and their families, and it turns those things into something bad, something that was gotten by ill means, namely, that whites were unfairly given those “privileges” because of their race, but blacks were deprived of them because of their race. So the word “privileged” turns good into bad, turns achievement and the valued and normal things of life into shame and a license to hate and harm whites.

Yet this evil term has become common in our society with no one ever pointing out how evil it is.

Jack from Long Island writes:

When the left says “privileged,” it means they are going to p*ss on a white man’s grave.

February 17

Paul K. writes:

I recall an observation: “The poor despise the bourgeois for their respectability, while the rich despise them for their decency.” It seems to me that when the media refers to people as “privileged,” in most cases a more appropriate term would be decent or respectable. They choose not to use those terms because they imply moral worth, while “privileged” implies an inherited, unearned status. I would reserve the term “privileged” for people such as the errant members of the Kennedy family who were neither decent nor respectable but nonetheless enjoyed status.

I think that the widespread use of the term comes from the leftist idea of “white-skin privilege.” That is, as a white person you enjoy undeserved privileges and therefore must understand that oppressed minorities, in their frustration, may occasionally lash out.

James P. writes:

Jack from Long Island writes:

When the left says “privileged,” it means they are going to p*ss on a white man’s grave.

It is much more serious than that. If all they did was p*ss on dead white men, this could be ignored as the infantile stupidity that it is. The real threat is that when the left decries “privilege,” it means not just that they are going to revile our ancestors, but that they plan to steal from our children. On the grounds of so-called “privilege,” they will rob our children of merited places in school, of opportunities for fulfilling work, wealth and freedom, and ultimately, of their country. How else could they justify stealing from our children unless they branded them as the inheritors of undeserved “privilege”? (Like FL, I know exactly where my “privileges” come from—the hard work of my parents and grandparents.)

When one reads about Obama’s budget, what else can one conclude but that this man is deliberately destroying our children’s future? “Generational theft” is exactly the right term for it.

John Dempsey writes:

I really think that people are starting to wake up to the big picture. I’ve run into some writing in the past few days that gives me an element of hope.

Here is a well written piece on “white privilege” by someone who calls himself Ol’ Remus.

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