Terror plot stopped at JFK. Yawn.

Three men, at least two of them Muslims, have been arrested and a fourth Muslim man is being sought in a plot to explode jet fuel lines at John F. Kennedy International Airport. The suspects’ names are Russell Defreitas, Kareem Ibrihim, Abdul Kadir, and Abdul Nur.

Frankly, I’m bored. Not because terrorism is not a horrible threat to our society that concerns all of us, but because everything important that could be said about this has been said. As long as Muslims are in the West, among us, these attacks and attempted attacks will continue. We know the pattern. London, Fort Dix, JFK, and each subsequent event will be treated as though it were something “shocking,” new, and unique, because our liberal belief system refuses to recognize the transcendent reality that we have an enemy, that the enemy is among us, and that he is among us due to one cause and one cause only: immigration. There is therefore only one way to end Muslim terrorist attacks in the West, and that is to keep Muslims from entering the West and to initiate a steady out-migration of the Muslims who are here back to their native countries. Sixty-five percent of the Muslim population in the U.S. are immigrants.

But instead of repeating myself further, here is an article I wrote in August 2006 on the occasion of the foiled plot to blow up airplanes flying from London to New York. It is called, “The unchanging reality of Muslim terror—so long as Muslims remain among us.” Change a couple of names and dates, and it is as relevant now as it was then. And it will continue to be relevant, so long as we let them stay among us.

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Peter H. writes:

Thanks for this post. I had a similar reaction on seeing the coverage of the plot. How long must we continue to be shocked that Muslims were planning to kill as many people as possible in a horrific fashion in dar al harb? What is the horror we need to feel before things will begin to change? I must say it is demoralizing to see each terror plot covered in the media as if it were a de novo phenomenon rather than a result of the situation the West has put itself in because of its insane (Muslim) immigration policy. We seem to hear every detail of what’s known about the ringleader’s life. We hear from his wife. Without fail, and every time, it’s as if they’re trying to find out what in the world could possibly be motivating him to plan what he was planning when the answer is self-evident. Amazing.

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