Youth parade

Sage McLaughlin writes:

It seems obvious to me that the problem in Sudan is a failure on the part of the Sudanese fully to accept and integrate its teenagers into mainstream society.

Indian living in the West writes:

I don’t endorse everything he says but there are hilarious bits here:

What’s the deal with these riots in Sydney? You switch on the television and there’s scenes of urban conflagration and you think, “Hang on, I saw this story last month.” But no. They were French riots. These are Australian riots. Entirely different. The French riots were perpetrated by—what’s the word?—“youths.” The Australian riots were perpetrated by “white youths.” Same age cohort, but adjectivally enhanced.

Adjectivally enhanced! LOL!! You have to grant him a real wit even if his radar is off most of the time.

James M. writes:

The Jewish Chronicle writes:

The group of 20 seven- to 14-year-olds from Yeshivas Ohr Torah, an independent secondary school, had spent the afternoon at Broughton Pool, ten minutes’ walk away. As they returned home, they were approached by a gang of around eight youths and subjected to anti-Semitic taunts.

If they had been white youths, I feel sure it would have been mentioned.

Van Wijk writes:

The race and background of the rioting “youths” finally gets a mention here (although the article oh-so-rationally explains that the riots are the product of ghettos and racism, and that the rioters are a tiny minority). Also, the names of the two dead motorcyclists are are given:

The trigger for the rioting was the deaths last Sunday of two teens whose motorcycle crashed with a police car. Lakamy Samoura, 15 and Mohsin Sehhouli, 16, weren’t wearing helmets and their bike was not authorized for public roads.


Tellingly, neither of the teens will be buried in France, although both were French. Mohsin’s parents are taking his body to Morocco; Lakamy will be buried in Senegal, from where his parents emigrated in 1966.

On reading “although both were French” I couldn’t quite stifle a laugh. They were French like I’m a Chinaman.

The article is actually quite a worthwhile read, though not in the way the liberals authors intended.

Howard Sutherland writes:

It’s noteworthy that in the short article about “French” riots Van Wijk links quotes five people—not one of whom is actually French. So our news of France must be presented entirely through the eyes of alien minorities.

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