Applause for Donald Trump—and unmitigated contempt for the mainstream media

Donald Trump in an interview at NewsMax TV justifiably takes credit for getting Obama to do what he had refused to do for three years—release his birth certificate.

Meanwhile, let us understand that every media writer who has with unbearable condescension stated that the birthers are whack-jobs because the birth issue was resolved by the release of the certification of live birth in 2008 has been shown to be a despicable liar or at best stone-cold indifferent to the truth. If the birth issue was resolved in 2008, then why did Obama release the birth certificate today? If the birth issue was resolved in 2008, then why did Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie, a friend and supporter of Obama’s who wanted to resolve the issue once and for all, try to get the birth certificate released in early 2011, and wasn’t able to do so, because Obama was still refusing at that point to allow his birth certificate to be released? The self-evident answer is that the birth issue was NOT resolved in 2008. The people who have been complaining for the last two and half years that the birth certificate has not been released have been proved right, and the people who have been oh-so-knowingly declaring for the last two and a half years that the birth certificate has already been released (a group that includes legions of establishment Republicans) have been shown to be lying apparatchiks.

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Nik S. writes:

I like Trump—he is very outspoken, quick-witted, and has a sense of humor to boot. Worlds better than Huckabee, Romney, Palin, etc….

“It would be very easy and very quick to get gasoline prices down,” Trump said, adding that Obama could do so if he “gets off the basketball court or whatever he’s doing.”

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