In Libya, the great victory of—what?

Kaddafi is falling, and the cable stations are on it full time, treating this as some historically important and beneficent event. So, in a Muslim country of which we know nothing, one group of Muslims is replacing another group of Muslims. What is that to us? Are we insane? Further, the ones coming in are probably worse than the ones going out. If the media had attached the word “democracy” to Kaddafi instead of to the rebels, we’d be cheering him instead of them. If earth were invaded by man-eating aliens from another planet, and the media said they had come to bring democracy to earth, we’d be cheering for the aliens to take us over and eat us. We’re sheep led by ideologues. Which means that we are not practicing and appear not to be capable of practicing self-government, i.e., democracy—the very thing of which we think we are the exemplars to the world. We’re puppets pulled by slogans.

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On CNN some retired general, now a CNN consultant, was saying that the fall of Kaddafi is a defeat for “radical Islam.” This sheep, this idiot, thinks that Kaddafi represents radical Islam.

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James R. writes:

Careful now, the initial entry sounded like you were channeling Mencius for a moment.

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