Some interesting reading from today’s New York Times

As Case Unfolds, France Speculates and Steams

“France struggled to digest the scandal around Dominique Strauss-Kahn, with his defenders questioning the initial New York police account and speculating about entrapment.”

Woman in 2008 Affair Is Said to Have Accused I.M.F. Director of Coercing Her

“Piroska Nagy said the liaison was consensual but she had felt coerced because Mr. Strauss-Kahn was so senior to her, a person with direct knowledge of her version said.”

Miami Imam Will Plead Not Guilty to Aiding Terror Group, Lawyer Says

Hafiz Khan (I’m leaving out his three middle names), the imam of south Florida’s oldest mosque, not only sent tens of thousands in donations to the Pakistan Taliban, designated by the U.S. as a terror group, but was taped on the telephone calling for a terror attack on the Pakistani Assembly and declaring his wish that God kill 50,000 American soldiers.

Instead of spending years of man hours in our criminal and legal system laboriously investigating and trying a few Muslim leaders like Hafez Khan, whose followers have the same beliefs, wouldn’t it be a lot more sensible to kick them all out? I mean all of them.

Out of Politics and Closet, McGreevey Pursues Dream to Join Clergy

Remember New Jersey governor James (“My truth is that I am a gay American”) McGreevey, who gave a six figure job running the state’s Homeland Security Department to his non-citizen, Israeli boyfriend? Since resigning from the governorship in 2004, divorcing his second wife, and finding a new boyfriend, McGreevey has graduated from divinity school and wants to become an Episcopal priest. While the formerly Christian body known as the Episcopal Church USA now qualifies openly homosexual persons as priests, it has turned McGreevey down because not enough time has passed since his fall from the governorship and he’s not ready to be a priest. So he’s working as a drug councilor in Newark, but is still the driven, glad-handing politician.

(For some laughter to start your morning, see my 2004 entry on McGreevey, “Turning failure and wrongdoing into an official identity.”)

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