White burglar

QR writes:

I don’t watch much TV, but I have family visiting and I can’t stop them from having it on. I just walked through the living room and glimpsed a commercial for a security system. It started with a white man trying to break into a house and running away when the alarm went off.

Then a black woman appeared on the screen, talking about how glad she was that she was using that company’s alarm service.

LA replies:

Amazing. But what are they to do? Show BLACK burglars in an ad for burglar alarms? Out of the question! That would be like, like … the Willie Horton ad.

QR replies:

You wrote: “That would be like, like … the Willie Horton ad.”

Funny you should mention that. I heard a lot about that back in ‘88, but never saw the ad. Just a couple of weeks ago I happened to think of it and realized that someone had probably put it up on youtube. Several someones had, so I finally got to see it. I couldn’t believe this was anyone’s idea of racist propaganda: a photo of a black man. More distressing were the hysterical comments about how “racist” the commercial was.

People have been well trained. Again and again, I see white acquaintances dutifully expressing outrage at the flimsiest sign of racism. The more of this Pavlovian reaction I see, the more discouraged I become.

LA replies:

It is very bad. But don’t be discouraged. The greater the darkness, the greater the light that sees that darkness as darkness.

That sounds pretentious, but it’s true. No matter how powerful the liberal belief system is or seems to be at the moment, it is false, it is unreal. If we see its falsity as falsity, it cannot affect us, and more and more people will come to see it too.

March 26

Jacob M. writes:

A few weeks ago I came across an online discussion about these home security commercials featuring white burglars, and some liberal produced this to defend the commercials. On the first page they claim that 69% of people arrested for burglary are white. I was pretty surprised. What do you make of it? Would you tend to assume it must be biased? I’m not trying to stir things up; I’m genuinely curious. They do show that a majority of those arrested for “‘robbery” are black.

LA replies:

Well, it’s possible. The crimes in which blacks hugely exceed whites, by a factor of six or more, are armed robbery, rape, murder.

David B. writes:

The statistic that 69 percent of the people arrested for burglary are white may well be close to the truth. Burglars are going to hit houses that figure to have something worth stealing, which means affluent white neighborhoods. They need to be able to move around without being noticed. I have seen many news reports of white criminals breaking into houses.

Many break-ins perpetrated by blacks are to rape or murder the occupants in many cases we have seen. Examples are the Wichita Horror and the Ann Pressly murder. White women living alone are especially vulnerable.

A few years ago, I saw an article in Vanity Fair about a rash of burglaries in very wealthy neighborhoods on the West side of Los Angeles. It seems that the Hispanic servants were telling their friends where the valuables in their employer’s home were. They would also tell how to disable the alarm system. These gangs were stealing goods worth vast sums.

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